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The Best PPC Marketing Strategies for 2022

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The Best PPC Marketing Strategies for 2022

Pay-per-click ads have been around for a long time, but strategies for this type of digital marketing continue to change every year. However, PPC is also a skill. Therefore, a solid understanding is needed to implement a campaign that produces quality leads.

In this article, we consider the impact of PPC ads and some strategies that digital marketing agencies will use to achieve the best possible results for their clients.

7 Best PPC Marketing Strategies for 2022

Advertisers only pay for every time a user clicks on a PPC ad; these adverts typically appear on social media or the results page of search engines. However,  many businesses fail to succeed with PPC ads. Studies show that lack of skills and experience is the main reason they fall short of the mark.

It’s also true that a substandard plan will usually result in a wasted budget, and PPC strategies minimize risk and maximize the return on investment.

But what might these PPC strategies appear to be?

Let’s look at some of the best PPC marketing strategies for 2022.

1. Identify a Mix of Search Queries and Include Negative Keywords

Picking the right keywords is central to the success of any PPC campaign. Therefore, it’s essential to identify a mix of broad keywords and long-tail queries that receive a sufficient amount of search volume to reach the target audience.

Digital Authority Partners also emphasizes using negative keywords for PPC ads. These keywords helped eliminate irrelevant queries and wasted clicks while improving the process’s click-through rate (CTR). Similarly, marketing agencies continuously monitor progress and remove underperforming keywords to ensure the most of the PPC budget.

2. Build a Highly Effective Landing Page

PPC agencies also place great importance on creating an attractive landing page known to help with the bounce rate. In other words, visitors often leave the website after clicking on a PPC ad due to poorly designed pages.

First impressions are everything for PPC ads, and a well-designed landing page can make all the difference. Aside from the design, page speed, compelling text, and a clear call-to-action (CTA) are some key factors behind highly effective landing pages.

3. Use Multiple Platforms for Each PPC Campaign

Most businesses make the mistake of focusing on one platform for PPC advertising. Google Ads is most often the platform of choice but ignoring social media platforms, in particular, is an opportunity lost. Now, that’s not to say businesses should choose one over the other but rather that a PPC campaign should include multiple platforms.

Digital marketing agencies spend a lot of time researching the best platforms for a PPC campaign. However, different platforms are more suitable depending on the strategy, goals, or types of business, and it’s essential to choose the right ones.

4. Deploy Remarketing to Re-Engage with Quality Leads

Remarketing is a PPC strategy that targets previous visitors who are already familiar with the advertiser. Recent studies show that such visitors are 70% more likely to purchase or take action with this brand as opposed to going to a competitor. Further, more than 80% of online shoppers abandon their cart before making a purchase, precisely the customer every business should want to see in their PPC ad!

5. Take Advantage of Ad Extensions

Ad extensions provide extra information to PPC ads which can significantly improve the rank of a PPC ad on search engines. As a result, this enables advertisers to make a PPC ad stand out from the crowd while compelling online users to click on the ad.

There are also different types of ad extensions. For instance, site links point users toward a landing page or social media channel. In addition, lead forms can extract contact information and call out extensions to highlight essential features which can help the PPC ad stand out from the other search results.

6. Hire a Skilled Writer for Ad Copy

Copywriting is not the same as content writing, and ad copy requires a skilled hand to attract clicks and conversions. If this copy is not strong enough, users will move on elsewhere, often the downfall for ad campaigns that do everything else right. While it’s possible to acquire the services of a copywriter, a full-service PPC agency will usually take care of this copy.

PPC agencies will always have access to a high-quality copywriter that can produce compelling ad copy that grabs attention. At the same time, ad copy should include vital and relevant information, features, and benefits. A solid call to action is also needed.

Moral of the story: Ad copy is a priority for PPC ads and requires experts’ attention.

7. Test to Identify the Best PPC Ad

A/B testing (split testing) is when advertisers create more than one version of the same ad, with each version slightly different. This approach helps identify the best and most effective PPC ad for a particular campaign.

Tracking and monitoring PPC ads over time is also necessary to ensure sustained performance. Google Ads provides tools to help with split testing. Still, it’s an experience allowing PPC agencies to master the process.

Final Thoughts

PPC advertising is a crucial factor for any digital marketing strategy and one that can significantly improve the bottom line. PPC ads also allow businesses to stand out and reach a much wider audience than organic methods.

However, digital marketing is constantly changing, and success with PPC ads requires proven strategies. Many platforms make it easy for businesses to get started but working with a PPC agency is the best way to ensure the best possible results.

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