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Growing Your Business with Brand Ambassador Marketing

A brand ambassador is anyone who represents and promotes your company, product, service, or event. They can be loyal customers who love your brand and have been invited to join your ambassador program. They can also be industry experts, influencers, or even company employees. 

by Rajdeep Basu

Some studies have shown that companies that spend more on sales and marketing grow at a faster rate than those that spend less. This really shouldn’t surprise anyone as the very essence of marketing in the first place is to get more business, right? But marketing has evolved into something almost totally different from it was ten years ago. 

For one, there’s social media which has made previously small brands into multi-million-dollar companies. Through social media and some other aspects of digital marketing, several companies have been able to get their products and services in front of millions of potential customers. What’s even more interesting about this is that in the past, such publicity would have cost a fortune which only more established brands and corporations can afford. 

Today, it is safe to say that the playing field has been leveled. Opening an account on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is completely free. This means that everyone has access to them, businesses, and consumers alike. It is therefore a matter of who can be more creative and make the best out of these free publicity tools. 

However, being creative with content on social media isn’t the only way to win potential customers over to your side. As a matter of fact, the bigger, richer, more established brands are once again on top of things. They invest millions into brand ambassador marketing and the returns from these big-money moves are often mind-blowing. 

Who is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is anyone who represents and promotes your company, product, service, or event. They can be loyal customers who love your brand and have been invited to join your ambassador program. They can also be industry experts, influencers, or even company employees. 

A brand ambassador is anyone who is passionate about a company, what they offer, and everything they stand for. They have no problem marketing the brand whenever they get an opportunity. These days, we find that they are most active on social media and there are two broad types of them. 

1. Influencers

Influencers are basically popular public figures, celebrities, and those people who have built, through various means, a following of loyal fans on social media. Side note, they are called influencers because they have some level of “influence” on their followers. For instance, followers may begin to support a particular brand just because one influencer or celebrity they follow likes the brand. When you hire only influencers to market your product or service, it becomes influencer marketing. Click here to learn more about influencer marketing.  

The relationship between companies or brands and influencers is purely transactional. Influencers are paid in fees, products, or services, by a company and they, in return, promote that company on social media. This arrangement is more professional and the promotional content from the influencers is usually very polished. 

2. True Fans

These are those customers, users, or clients that genuinely love the product or service that you offer. They enthusiastically tell others about a brand not because they want anything in return but because they believe so much in the company. Because they are ordinary users (non-influencers) on social media, their content is more authentic and believable. 

So, how can ambassadors help grow your business? Come in Ambassador Marketing!

What is Ambassador Marketing? 

This is the practice of rewarding people for promoting a company, product, or service. Unlike paid ads on social media and Google which consumers are always skeptical about, ambassador marketing is highly effective. 

It is basically word-of-mouth marketing as ambassadors share with their network how “great” the product or service is. This works because we tend to trust what people close to us say and recommend more than what we see online. Are you beginning to get the picture now? 

By leveraging the network and relationships of your ambassadors, you get to reach an exponential number of people in the most effective way possible. The effect of this can completely transform a business’s sales and send its revenue flying through the roof. Visit https://trocglobal.com/blog/brand-ambassadors/ to learn more. 

Types of Brand Ambassador Marketing Strategies

Social Media

When people hear the word brand ambassador, the first thing that comes to mind is usually social media. That is because most of them use social media to spread the word about brands they love or have been paid to promote. Speaking on being paid to promote a brand, did you know that brand ambassador deals often run into hundreds of millions. One of the most notable is Derrick Rose’s Adidas deal with an estimated value of $260 million. 

Online Reviews

Businesses sometimes pay or reward users who enjoy using their product or service to leave reviews on review sites. Reviews are a great way for companies to boost their credibility and social proof. According to one study, 98% of people who shop online look at reviews to decide whether to buy or not. 

Final Thoughts

Most markets today are saturated and for one to get business, one must be in front of potential customers all the time. What better way to do that than have both celebrities and regular people talk about your brand? 

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