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7 Reasons Why Are Videos Essential For Your Marketing Campaigns

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Video is something without which you should not even start today’s marketing strategy. Its representation and benefits in the marketing world are growing unstoppably every day, and many comments that the video could very easily take the lead and place number one when it comes to content.

There are various video forms: presenting a new product, presenting your brand, engaging campaign aimed at a strong social message about your brand, know-how videos, behind-the-scenes videos, testimonials from satisfied customers, webinars, live videos, interviews with important people who are part of some of your campaigns, etc …

Of course, what the video will look like and what will be in it depends on what the idea and goal of your marketing campaign are, but also with whom you communicate, whether it is a B2C or B2B strategy. However, it is important to know that it is applicable in almost all marketing strategies and all industries.

The most common prejudice is that you need a lot of money and time for the video, which is another misconception. Today, technology allows you to create a video in just a few steps, thanks to numerous platforms, such as Plainly, which offer you many options, including video automation and automation of some processes if you make more similar videos, so as not to repeat the same steps, and also, a video can very well be a personalized message, aimed at a specific client or one target group.

We bring you 7 reasons why videos are essential for your marketing campaigns:

  • The easiest way to get information

You could probably confirm for yourself that it is much easier for you to understand and learn something, for example how a product is used if someone demonstrates it to you than if you read about it. The same is with all other information. People will absorb the information you want to send them through video much easier and faster than through other content, and the image is something that will stay in people’s subconscious – for example, the appearance of your brand logo or a striking shot, visual, slogan that will associate them with your brand.

  • Increases traffic to your channels and SEO optimization

As the most attractive content, video attracts the most attention, so it will keep a potential client on your site or one of the channels on social networks for the longest time. Video can be a good weapon with which you can not only attract the client but also further guide him on how he will “move” your site and which pages he will visit. Video also contributes a lot to SEO optimization, ie ranking of your site, because it turned out that one of the criteria for relevant pages that will appear in the search first, is to have a video on the site.

  • The most shared content

The video is one of the most shared content on social networks. Let’s say a video that has a strong social message, and it’s about your brand or good and attractive shots, good music, maybe some interesting people who appear, people will be happy to share, so your promotion continues on other people’s channels, and you’re the brand reaches a large number of people, who may have yet to hear about you.

  • Affects ROI

As we stated at the beginning of the text, although many still view it as an expensive tool, this is not the case, and on the other hand, any money invested will be very rewarding, which is supported by the fact that as many as 83% of businesses say that video provides a good return on investment. The effects it achieves in marketing, ie by increasing engagement and traffic, also increase sales, because some research shows that video activates even those who have a hard time deciding to buy.

  • Increases customer trust

Today’s marketing goals are not just to reach sales but to build the trust of your customers, through long-term relationships and education. The challenge of today’s marketing is primarily to show understanding and willingness to respond and offer a solution for the needs of potential customers, but also to offer them some new knowledge and options. In that sense, video is a great solution that you can use for this purpose, not only focusing on sales but offering customers innovative content and useful information, with which they recognize your brand as relevant and when the time comes to buy will turn to you. 

  • Customizable content for all devices

Not only can you adapt the video to different communication channels – Emails, Facebook, Instagram story/post, YouTube … but also devices, which should be taken into account. Don’t forget that a large number of people adopt the most information by using a mobile phone, and in that case, while scrolling, they will stop at the video rather than open, say, some text. Therefore video is ideal content, especially for the phone.

  • It doesn’t have to be perfect

An imperfect video will still attract more attention than a perfect text, so don’t worry about the video requiring high production and quality. Of course, it is necessary to devise a strategy and invest effort, energy, and creativity, but that does not mean that every video should look like a trailer for a Hollywood movie. Videos that are made more spontaneously, more naturally, and more realistically will do better. People are more likely to connect with something closer to them. Be realistic and honest and focus on your relationship with your clients and their trust.

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