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Real Wool Lamb Figurines by Meier Germany

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Alpacas, birds, chickens, and sheep – animals represent freedom and grace, making them the perfect addition to living space at home. Finding the right way to add decorative animals with the rest of your design components requires a bit of creativity.

Every room should have a centerpiece, something that stands out and makes your guests asks, “where did you get that?”. Meier Germany is a manufacturer of the most beautiful decorative animals, this family-owned business has been creating the pieces enchanting adults and children alike since 1948 with the creative skills of Hermann Meier who created the best-selling rocking horse and now the iconic Meier White sheep and lamb.

You can find these cute animals decorating hotel lobbies, and living rooms, some customers use them to decorate their children’s rooms. There are so many ways to marry a cute sheep with your interior style.

Meier Germany White Sheep

 A gorgeous sheep, these animals can call your space home they make a space feel complete. Figurines create an elegant lived-in vibe- The white sheep are made from real wool sourced in the EU and they come in five sizes. 

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If you want to make a real difference at home, we recommend checking out the Meier Pink Sheep and the Grey-brown sheep to match your style and requirements.

Meier Germany Grazing Sheep and Lamb

The secret ingredient that completes an eclectic space is a unique figurine that attracts all the looks of your guests. The grazing lamb and sheep are the latest drop of Meier Germany, they come with curly wool and tiny leather ears, perfect to decorate a nursery room since they are great to accompany children. Available in four sizes.

White sheep handmade sculpture with real wool and beechwood

If you are looking for a more playful approach, we recommend the White sheep pull-along as a toy for children and this sheep will also look great in any room.

We value craftsmanship and the effort designers put into each piece to create a long-lasting product to share many years together. We invite you to discover the beautiful animals from the Meier Germany Collection to find the perfect decorative animal for you.

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