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Improve Your Hiring Process With These 5 Aptitude Tests

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Aptitude Tests

One of the key elements in a recruitment process is assessing a candidate’s intelligence and ability to perform a specific job. This is what aptitude tests are meant for. These tests are usually conducted at the initial stages of the recruitment process which help recruiters to weed out the unsuitable applicants and keep the promising applicants for the next rounds.

There are different types of aptitude tests and each test helps in assessing a certain skill set. Here are some common aptitude tests that you can use to improve your hiring process.

5 Aptitude Tests That Will Help In Enhancing Hiring Process

Numerical Reasoning Tests

These tests assess a candidate’s ability to interpret numerical data. Basically, they assess a candidate’s mathematical ability. The data is presented in the form of graphs or tables and the candidate is required to analyse the data and draw conclusions from it. Such tests are mostly used by firms who are looking to hire accountants and bankers.

Verbal Ability Tests

This type of test assesses a candidate’s command of the English language and reasoning ability. Most jobs require an individual to understand written information and make decisions based on it. In addition to this, they also require individuals to communicate through emails to colleagues and clients. These tests help in assessing if the candidate has such skills.  

A verbal test includes the candidate analysing a comprehension passage and then selecting an appropriate answer from the list of options. Apart from this, it also includes questions on grammar, sentence completion, verbal deductions, writing comprehension, and more.

Abstract Reasoning Tests

These tests are non-verbal tests that do not involve analysing text-based or numerical-based information. Rather they use shapes and patterns to assess a candidate’s problem-solving skills. They assess a candidate’s ability to derive logic from the pattern. For example, a candidate is given a sequence of symbols. He/she needs to derive logical connections between them and find the missing symbol to complete the sequence.

Logical Reasoning Tests

Logical reasoning tests help in assessing a candidate’s ability to understand information, apply logic, and derive conclusions. It’s a multi-choice and non-verbal test. These tests are commonly used in many job recruitment processes. 

Generally, a candidate requires prior knowledge of concepts to solve problems. In this test, he/she has to make use of rules and deductions to reach a conclusion. The logical reasoning test is an umbrella term under which many assessment tests come. Some of them include tests like abstract reasoning, deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, and others.

Spatial Reasoning Test

This type of test assessment involves a candidate understanding and visualising two-dimensional and three-dimensional patterns and then solving a problem. Such a test helps recruiters to understand if a candidate can take abstract information and apply it appropriately. This determines the candidate’s problem-solving and critical thinking ability.


Aptitude tests are one of the key elements in the recruitment process. They help in assessing a candidate’s intelligence and ability to perform a particular job role. There are different types of aptitude assessment tests and this article presents you with 5 common tests that can help you in improving the hiring process.

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