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CZ Sp01 Shadow Accessories That Are Better Than OWB Holsters

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People love concealed carry and many have chosen the CZ Sp01 Shadow as their concealed carry pistol. With no holster options available for this pistol, people have had to resort to carrying it in a pocket or under their shirt. To make sure you’re carrying with confidence and comfort, check out these CZ Sp01 Shadow accessories!

What is a CZ Shadow?


A CZ Shadow is a type of holster that is better than an OWB holster. It is often referred to as a “sub-compact” holster because it is smaller and less bulky than other holsters.


CZ Shadow holsters are designed to fit smaller handguns such as the Glock 19, Glock 26, and the Sig Sauer P320. They are also popular with 1911 owners because they can fit large magazines in them.


The CZ Shadow is a hybrid holster, which means that it has the benefits of both an OWB holster and a traditional belt holster. This makes it perfect for people who want the convenience of an OWB holster without the bulkiness.


Another benefit of the CZ Shadow is that it can be worn in multiple positions. This makes it perfect for people who have different shooting styles or who have different body types.


Shadow Accessories that are Better than OWB Holsters


There are a lot of different types of firearms out there and it can be hard to choose the right holster for your specific needs. One of the most popular types of firearms is the concealed carry handgun.


Concealed carry handguns can be carried in several different ways, including inside the waistband (OWB), outside the waistband (OSWB), and in a shoulder holster. Each of these carries methods has its benefits and drawbacks.


One of the main advantages of OWB holsters is that they allow you to conceal your firearm more easily. However, OWB holsters tend to be less comfortable than other types of holsters because they are positioned closer to your body.


Some people prefer OWB holsters because they think they look more badass than other types of holsters. However, OWB holsters are not as concealable as other types of holsters and they can be more difficult to access if you need to draw your firearm quickly.


If you are looking for an excellent concealed carry holster that is also comfortable, try a CZ Sp Shadow holster. These holsters are positioned further away from your body, which makes them more concealable but also more comfortable.


Why you should invest in a Shadow?


Shadow CZ Sp-01 pistols offer a much better experience when it comes to carrying concealed than many other holsters on the market. The design of the holster allows for a more comfortable carry, no matter what your body type is.


The Shadow also features an ambidextrous design, making it perfect for left and right-handed shooters. This allows you to carry your pistol in the most comfortable way possible, regardless of what attire you are wearing.


Additionally, the holster is made from high-quality leather and materials that will last for years. You won’t have to replace it every few months like you would with other holsters.


How to choose which Shadow for your needs


There are a few things to consider when choosing a CZ Sp Shadow for concealed carry. The first thing you need to do is decide which gun you will be carrying. There are three different models of the Shadow that accommodate different guns.


If you are carrying a smaller gun like the J frame or a semiauto 9mm, the small size holster suitable for the Shadow is best. It is made from high-quality leather and has extra pockets for extra clips or ammo.


For larger guns like an AR or a handgun in .40 S&W or larger, the medium Shadow holster is best. It is also made from high-quality leather, but it has two extra straps to help keep your firearm stable and secure.


The large Shadow holster is perfect if you are carrying a big gun like an AK or a shotgun. It is also made from high-quality leather, but it has extra belt loops so you can put additional ammunition and clips on your belt.


Concealment tips for the CZ Shadow


The CZ Shadow is a popular handgun that can be used for concealed carry. 

-Choose a holster that is comfortable and fits your body well. You want to be able to wear it for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

– Make sure the holster is high enough so that the gun doesn’t touch your skin when you draw it. This will help to keep your gun from being visible.

– Choose a holster that has a deep concealment pocket. This will help to conceal the gun completely.




 CZ Sp Shadow accessories offer a much more comfortable and easier way to carry your handgun. Not only are they easier to use, but they also provide better coverage for your gun. 

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