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Which Pen You Should Select – Things you need to know

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Are you tired of finding the good one from thousands of pens and now seeking one of the best pens? No worries! In this article, we will share the important things about pen related, including writing styles, ink, construction, the material you usually use, the motives for buying, including some of the environmental factors of pen shopping.

Moreover, if you need some suggestions for your pen choices, I have mentioned one of the best pens that have already been tested. So without ado, Let’s get started!

Style of Writing

The pen method that provides ink to the writing surface is referred to as the style of writing. There are various styles where you can easily choose from as well, as you can get one of your favorite pem from Parker because they have high-quality pens. 

  • Ballpoint

A good ballerina may adjust to any dance style, more like Major Step taught me.

The hip-hop ballerina of pens is usually known as a ballpoint pen. It’s the most flexible and may be used on almost any writing surface.

When force is required to a ballpoint pen, a tiny ball rolls at the end of the pen, producing oil-based ink. They’re usually less costly, better flexible, and prepared to go at any time.


  • Fountain Pen

On the other hand, Fountain pens are the pen that is considered a Cinderella in the pen’s world. Beautiful to look at, useful, but not usually realistic (who in its right state of mind walks away from actual love only with one high heel on?).

A feed is used in fountain pens to convey liquid ink downwards to the nib (tip of the pen). They are flexible enough to adapt to a person’s handwriting, and they help your signature seem amazing.

The main downside (at least for such users) is that it needs little proper maintenance.

Some people preferred that sense of becoming engaged in managing their pen. On the other hand, the water-based ink will run dry if not taken care of, just as those people in the Mummy who carried the cursed jars.

However, a fountain pen can be placed back to service with a little cleaning and ink refilling. Although they seem delicate and expensive, the best fountain pen can take the same amount of daily use as any other pen. Don’t be confused by the glass shoes: they provide.

Fountain Pen

  • Gel Pen

Gel pens are really simply just like rollerballs. However, the writing mechanism is very similar to a rollerball pen. Now you are confused about what defines gel pens from other types of pens? To be honest! Their Gel ink.

Gel pens contain ink that is gel/water-based, which gives it a tiny bit sticky, helping it to attach to almost any material. Gel ink, especially water-based inks, does not even have to sink as deeply into the material to grab and come out clearly.

However, many rollerball pens and gel pens use the same ink. Their names at that point mainly differentiate between gel pens and rollerball pens.

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