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Project Manager Jobs, Resume & Salary

Project Manager Jobs, Resume & Salary

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Project Manager

Project managers are in great demand globally as they are responsible for planning the entire execution of the project in an organization. A project manager career path is well-paying with a lot of room to advance to a higher salary range with more years of experience.

This article is about what to mention in a resume for project management job plus salaries offered to project managers in India followed by if you are PMP certified what all jobs you can apply to.

Project Manager Resume

Project Manager

Project Manager Resume

Before we discuss what we should add in our resume we should know what the key skills of a Project Manager are. In project management, organizations look for both technical and behavioral skills. 

Here is everything you need to know about the technical and behavioral skills.  

Behavioral Skills Consist of following

  •       Leadership/Motivator
  •       Problem Solving – Understand real issues
  •       Effective Communication
  •       Planning – Risk Mitigation
  •       Team Building – Especially with remote working
  •       Commitment – In Failure or success of project be with team and project
  •       Coach – Teach team and help them become self sufficient
  •       Collaboration – Coordinate with stakeholders, cross teams
  •       Negotiation – Work on how to accommodate last minute changes and time, budget constraints

Technical Skills

  •       Tools – Project Management Tools like JIRA, Ms. PowerPoint, Excel, Rally
  • Techniques –Negotiation/Estimation techniques, Budgeting
  •       Methodologies – Agile, Kanban, Lean, waterfall

Now coming to what we should add in resume, read the job description and do following

  • Highlight the skills which are mentioned in Job description, e.g if they are looking for someone with good background on budgeting ensure you specify in which project you show cased this skill
  • If JD talks about analytical skill, mention how you measured projects success using required metrics and data
  • Tell how you solved customers problem
  • Quantify your impact e.g how you decreased expenses in project
  • Specify your project management exposure with different sizes of project
  •  Include awards, recognition
  • Talk about your volunteer work (if any)
  • Share link of your LinkedIn profile 

Project Management Jobs

There is change in how projects are managed and delivered today and hence the roles, responsibilities and designation for project managers have evolved. To meet the objectives of the project, the organization may hire a project manager for a number of roles. Individuals who have no experience but have a big desire to start a project management career can consider doing a project manager internship.

Here are some of the jobs where organization needs a project manager

  •       Scrum Master
  •       Agile Coach
  •       Enterprise Agile coach
  •       Technical Project Manager
  •       Technical Program Manager
  •       Delivery Head
  •       Change Agent
  •       Transformation Coach
  •       Thought Leaders
  •       Customer Success Manager
  •       Operations Manager
  •       PMO
  •       Release Manager
  •       Strategic Project Manager
  •       Consultants
  •       Portfolio Manager

Project Manager’s Salary

The salary offered to project managers depends on factors like experience, skills both technical and behavioral, industry knowledge, domain knowledge, certifications and location where they are working, among other such factors. 

Here is a list of Project Manager salaries in India as obtained from Glassdoor.  

Experience Salary range
Fresher 239,808–1,185,568 per annum
Mid-level 488,036–1,818,675 per annum
Experienced 715,980–3,629,905 per annum

According to Payscale, the average annual salary of a project manager is ₹1,567,763. It is important to understand that your salary range will depend on various factors as mentioned above. But, nevertheless, you can enjoy good job opportunities with good salary ranges as every organization is on the lookout for a good project manager to lead and manage their projects. 


In upcoming days, the role of project manager will evolve more due to digital transformation, AI/ML, Big data etc.  So, make sure to follow the leaders in the industry and keep upskilling yourself to have a more fulfilling career in project management.

We hope you got the idea of how much you can make after becoming a project manager or getting into a similar role and how you can create an outstanding resume for your job applications. If you are interested and ready to start your career as a project manager, then the first place to start is getting certified in the project management domain. 

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