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Complete Guide On SGPA To Percentage

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sgpa to percentage

You have cleared your graduation with flying colours. Now the next step is to apply for a high paying job. After hours and hours of job hunting on various online portals, you shortlist the best jobs suited to your resume. The only thing that you need to do is to fill their form with your details.

While filling the boxes of your academic qualification, you see that they are asking for your graduation percentage. Whereas your college gave your score in something called SGPA or GPA. Now you get confused about how to convert SGPA into percentage. You know nothing of converting SGPA into a percentage, and you start pondering on your options.

What if we affirm you with our kind words of “you’re not the first one, and not going to be the last either”? You might not believe us but a lot of students don’t know how to convert SGPA to percentage. We do know that there are a lot of SGPA to percentage converter available online, and you can take their help. But that SGPA to percentage converter also works on some algorithms and some formulas.

Behold and be patient because we have compiled this informative guide for the people who don’t know how to convert SGPA to percentage. We will also teach you how to calculate percentage from SGPA. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and take a look!

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Basics 1: What Is SGPA?

sgpa to percentage

What Is SGPA?

Sessional Grade Point Average/Semester End Grade Point Average is abbreviated as SGPA. Before we go into the details of SGPA and CGPA, it’s important to grasp what these terms signify. To begin, the grades we receive in school or college might be determined in a variety of ways. SGPA is one of these methods. 

It is the grade point average determined at the end of an academic session, such as a school year or a college semester. The SGPA for that academic year or session is derived by accumulating all of the grade points from all of the topics in that academic year or session and then calculating their average.

Basics 2: What Is CGPA?

sgpa to percentage

What Is CGPA?

The CGPA is another popular technique of calculating the grades we receive at our institutions or schools. Simply defined, CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average and represents the overall marks we get throughout an academic year or a certain period, such as the first or third year of college. 

The total marks earned during all sessions of a college term, or both half-yearly exams in school, are added together to determine the CGPA earned during that academic term. 

The main distinction between sessional and cumulative grade point averages is that CGPA is calculated after the academic year using several SGPAs from various semesters or sessions. 

Students must comprehend that understanding what CGPA is will assist them to convert SGPA to percentage.

Basics 3: What Is GPA?

sgpa to percentage

What Is GPA?

In simple words, GPA stands for Grade Point Average, which is the average of all of a student’s grades for the semester, or it may also be computed in terms of studying different courses that the student has chosen. Most significantly, GPA indicates a student’s academic accomplishment level as well as their scholastic ability, allowing professors to analyse their work over a certain period.

The Indian grading system employs a 10-point GPA scale, and you may calculate your GPA by dividing your percentage of marks by 9.5. The formula to convert SGPA to percentage is given below:

GPA= Percentage/9.5

Simply divide your percentage by 100 and multiply it by 4 for the GPA 4.0 scale used in the United States. The formula for most of the SGPA to percentage calculator is given below:

GPA= (Percentage/100)*4

Basics 4: SGPA Vs CGPA Vs GPA

sgpa to percentage


You have seen the definition of SGPA, CGPA, and GPA respectively. So, let us see the major point of difference between them before moving on to SGPA to percentage calculator.

  • The cumulative GPA (CGPA) is calculated by multiplying the sum of all SGPAs in an academic year by the number of semesters. In basic words, CGPA is computed for the entire course, whereas GPA is calculated for each semester, and SGPA is calculated for a specific session, such as a year or so.
  • Many universities and colleges employ different grading systems, with some using GPA and others using CGPA to evaluate a student’s scholastic ability.
  • While both CGPA and GPA attempt to emphasise a student’s academic success over a certain period, many schools favour GPA above CGPA when considering individuals for admission.
  • Because your CGPA reflects your overall performance over a semester, it can only be greater if you have a higher GPA and SGPA. Another notable distinction is that CGPA and SGPA always differ on a scale of 0.0-10.0.

That was all about SGPA, CGPA, and GPA. Now we will see how to calculate SGPA to percentage.

Steps To Convert SGPA To Percentage

sgpa to percentage

Steps To Convert SGPA To Percentage

A simple approach may be used to convert SGPA to percentage; simply follow the steps below:

  • Add all of these semester-by-semester SGPAs together.
  • Subtract the result from the number of semesters in which you have participated.
  • Subtract 7.5 from the result of multiplying your above solution by ten. Simply multiply (SGPA*10) by 7.5.
  • Now that your SGPA has been converted to a percentage, you will obtain the required result.


  • Consider the following SGPAs for each semester: 7.0,7.5,8.0,8.5,9.0
  • 40 = 7.0+7.5+8.0+8.5+9.0
  • 8.0 = 40/5
  • 72.5 percent = (8.0 * 10) – 7.5

But How To Calculate SGPA?

sgpa to percentage

Calculate SGPA

Many educational institutions utilise the Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) as one of the most frequent grading methods for calculating academic performance. The SGPA attained by students indicates the student’s performance in a given semester. To compute SGPA, simply follow the instructions outlined below:

  • To begin, you must understand each subject’s credit points.
  • Now that you know how many credit points each topic has, multiply those credit points by the grades you received in that subject.
  • Add all of the items you’ve gotten together.
  • Subtract the total of all goods from the total of all credit points.
  • Your SGPA will be the result of this process.

Percentage To SGPA Calculator VTU

sgpa to percentage

Percentage To SGPA Calculator VTU

VTU is a very renowned university for engineering students. But what is the formula of SGPA to percentage VTU? VTU uses the following formula for this purpose

SGPA = Σ(Ci×Gi)/ΣCi


Ci = Credit assigned for a course

Gi = Grade point for that course

This was the percentage to SGPA calculator for the renowned VTU.

SPGA To Percentage SPPU

sgpa to percentage

SPGA To Percentage SPPU

SPGA to percentage SPPU is calculated using:

SGPA = (C1G1 + C2G2 + C3G4 + C4G4 + C5G5)/ (C1 + C2 +C3 + C4 + C5)


C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 = Course Credits 

G12, G2, G3, G4, G5 = Grade Points of the Course

Wrapping Up SGPA To Percentage Guide

sgpa to percentage

SGPA To Percentage Guide

Students who write examinations are awarded a grade based on their writing, which offers them marks that they may use to assess their educational progress. In most colleges and educational institutions, the Semester Grade Point Average is used to determine a student’s educational competence throughout an academic year.

The status of students in their academics and their life careers will be determined only by the SGPA score. Finally, every college or educational institution converts SGPA to percentage by computing the aggregate GPA of each semester to determine the student’s final percentage in that course. This percentage is crucial to include on your CV and demonstrate your standing in the course.

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