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What can you do with a computer science degree?

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Computer technologies have become an integral part of modern life. We require a computer to perform every task in this digital era to eliminate the chances of errors and make work hassle-free. In fact, the outbreak of the coronavirus disease has amplified the requirement for professionals with computer science skills. So, you are likely to find an array of opportunities that require computer science acumen. 

In point of fact, computer science skills are in massive demand across a spectrum of industries, such as product and service companies, management consultancy firms, software companies, multinational companies, educational institutions, and hospitals. If you have attended a school of computer science, you will have obtained a set of many highly valuable technical and non-technical skills.

The computer science field combines computer hardware and software systems. A degree in computer science allows students to pursue a career in a variety of industries. The field offers compelling career options with an interest in mathematics and science. So, let’s talk about these most in-demand roles in the field of computer science.

Jobs related to the computer science degree include:

  • Software Engineer

Individuals apply software engineering and design principles to develop, maintain, and evaluate software in this profession. Software engineers are also known as programmers. These professionals apply mathematical analysis to develop computer software. A bachelor’s degree is required to build a career as a software engineer. According to Glassdoor, a software engineer in India makes INR 6,85,000 per year.

  • IT Consultant

IT Consultants help clients support, manage, and evaluate IT infrastructure and systems to meet business objectives. A day in the life of an IT consultant includes analysing IT infrastructure, understanding the business requirements of clients, and implementing a tech solution. According to Glassdoor, an IT consultant in India makes INR 9,35,522 per year.

  • Cybersecurity Consultant

As cybercrimes are on the rise, cybersecurity consultants spot vulnerabilities, anticipate information security risks, protect IT networks, prevent cybercrimes, and respond to emergencies. These professionals are also involved in developing effective strategies for protecting the computer system and the networking infrastructure. According to AmbitionBox, the average salary of a cybersecurity consultant is INR 10,00,000 per year. 

  • Data Analyst

Data Analysts analyse data and improve business performances. They interpret data using advanced technology and traditional tools. Data analysts have in-depth knowledge in Statistics, Computer Science, Economics, Mathematics, and Information Management. According to Glassdoor, a data analyst in India makes INR 5,72,000 per year.

  • Machine Learning Analyst

Machine learning analysts automate analytical model building. These professionals work on developing machines that identify patterns and help businesses make decisions with minimal human intervention. Students must have scored a minimum of 50 percent marks in classes 10 and 12, with 50 percent in Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics (PCM) in class 12. According to Glassdoor, a machine learning analyst in India makes INR 3,02,628 per year.

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