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Is a Master’s in Interior Design the Right Course for Me?

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Have your friends ever dragged you to a new restaurant or coffee shop because it was Instagram-worthy? Or have you ever walked into a store or someone’s house and started reimagining its colours, tones, and accent?

Well, if the rich patterns, colours, and contemporary furniture is something that has always fascinated you; and redesigning spaces is what gets you going, a career in interior design might just be the right path for you.

Not sure if you should pursue master’s in interior design? Let us help you clear your doubts. 

Why Choose a Master’s in Interior Design?

  1. Growth Opportunities

Owing to a changing lifestyle, there is a significant increase in the demand for interior designers. How do we know? Well, the Indian interior design market generated $22,939.7 million in 2020 alone!

As the real-estate sector picks up pace, many people looking for a better standard of living are relying on professional interior designers to design comfortable and plush spaces. As a result, a master’s in interior design is bound to offer you immense growth opportunities when combined with the right training.  

  1. Creative Projects and Job Roles

A master’s in interior design will help you acquire the required skill set, brush up on your skills, and learn the ins and outs of the industry. The best part? It does not limit your potential to a single area of work. 

If you have exceptional design skills and interest, you can take up creative projects across areas like: 

  • Residential Interior Design

As a residential interior designer, you will mainly work on space planning, creating unique designs and styling homes depending upon the needs and comfort of the client. 

  • Exhibition Design

With exhibition designing, you can put your concept planning skills to good use. You can work on exhibition layouts and custom designs by bringing together architecture, graphic design, interior design, lighting, audio, and technology to curate a memorable visual experience.

  • Commercial Interior Design

If functional designs and extensive space planning are your things, then commercial interior design will not disappoint you. You will be working with a team of creatives to design interiors for workplaces, restaurants, hotels, and retail spaces. 

  1. Expand Your Network

Contrary to common understanding, interior design is not limited to only a select creative domains, but transgresses different sectors and industries, with each project needing varying expertise. Joining a master’s course opens a comprehensive network of partners who can bring such expertise to the table. 

When you choose a master’s in interior design, you get to learn from and work with industry experts while getting ample industry exposure. 

If you’re interested in gaining mentors and working with creative peers, a structured course in interior design is perfect. Today, various top institutes like Pearl Academy offer comprehensive interior design programs that explore the potential of design in transforming a space. You will learn interior design fundamentals, design principles, colour theory, space planning, and much more!

So — Is a Master’s in Interior Design Right for You?

At the core of interior design lies the idea of creating harmony between different elements in a particular space. While some have the innate sense to envision space and a talent for beautifully bringing together patterns and colours, they still need some grooming. And a master’s in interior design can help with just that.  

Interior designing can open you up to a world of creativity, imagination, and inspiration. But being a competitive field, the journey won’t be easy. The right kind of knowledge and exposure, however, can help you develop the skills you need for a thriving career. 

Sounds like the right career path for you? Then get enrolled in a professional degree and kickstart your journey today!

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