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Useful guide to learn how to clean a pool

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How to clean the pool

First, to be able to follow the pool cleaning steps we described below for personal use, it is essential that you always, at least, look at the pool below, as we work on maintenance cleanliness in this entry.

In short, pool cleaning ensures proper operation of all systems so that pool water crystals are clean and properly purified.

Thus, with a clean pool we are going to make sure that we have the best way to have fun when it is hot on a great sunny day, a good dip in the pool! Best sunny day

How to clean a pool: treatment and procedure

Creating and maintaining the cleanliness of a summer swimming pool is not always easy.

But it is an extra work that must be done if we want to enjoy it on a hot summer day. Summer.

Typically, automatic maintenance of the swimming pool is already included and it is equipped with a filtering system. Agua automatically removes dirt, dead plants, flowers, insects, etc.

The first determining factor in pool cleaning: temperature

First, a determining factor in pool cleaning is the water temperature, when it rises to 25 degrees, the water becomes cloudy because the pH values ​​are incorrectly added and give way to the appearance of algae.

After all, removing green or cloudy water will require water filtering and proper treatment for green pool water.

To prevent all effects of heat, constant control and adjustment of both the pH and disinfectant used in the pool (chlorine, bromine, salt …) is recommended.

In addition, we recommend using an anti-algae product.

2nd determining factor of pool cleaning: Rain

Consequences of storms in swimming pools

In fact, storms are undesirable because the water is cloudy

For the purpose that the climate agent will not affect the condition and treatment of the pool water, a pool cover to overcome this problem.

Automatic pool cleaning robot

  • Regarding the pool maintenance method, they are divided into two groups, manual method on one side and automatic method on the other.
  • Electric pool cleaners guarantee precise cleaning. Regardless of the size and shape of the pool, they reach all the nooks and crannies, climb up the walls and clear the water line.
  • In addition, this pool cleaning process is not only faster, but much more efficient than using a classic manual cleaner
  • In the first place, then you will show why the investment of pool cleaner is minimal if you contrast with its benefits.

Quality Robot Cleaner Swimming Pool

In general, the robotic pool cleaners we offer are equipped with an intelligent navigation system, so this technology manages to remove dirt, so that more surfaces can be cleaned in less time.

Pool cleaners can be used in all types of pools

  • For this reason, we save time and energy to get maximum cleaning results.
  • Together, they indicate that they have achieved high adherence to the PVA wheel system.
  • Also, the pool robot has become the perfect complement to the variable speed (energy efficient) pump.
  • On the other hand, they have built-in filtration: filter cartridges allow particle capture up to 20 microns and are very easy to clean (easy maintenance).
  • They get a real swimming pool water conservation.
  • And, among other things, we reduce energy consumption.
  • Finally, if you want, you can consult our entry about best above ground pool vacuum for algae

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