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Tips and Tricks to Teach Creative Writing to an Individual Student

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Tips and Tricks to Teach Creative Writing to an Individual Student

However, creative writing is a difficult task. Yet it is a fun task as well. The weird but creative imaginations of the pupils enhance your vision as well. On a lighter note, creative writing plays a vital role in the child’s character building. Through their work, you can clearly understand what sort of a child’s mindset is. They are some powerful tactics to make an individual child capable of writing good creative content. Many students feel shy about sharing their thoughts with their fellows or teachers. Perhaps, one of the best ways to overcome their hesitation is to teach them individually.

To be an excellent creative writing teacher, take guidance from Felicity Stone Toronto-based creative writing teacher. It will surely help you.

Tips To Teach Creative Writing to Individual Students

Here is a précised list of tips and tricks that will surely guide you in teaching creative writing.

  • Give Them Examples Of The Natural World

Creative writing is all about mixing up the real world with your imagination. Students often come up with fresh new ideas. And when they are indeed shy and lack confidence. Well, to motivate, it is better to give them top-notch examples of the famous writers, i.e., Felicity Stone, Charles Dickens, and many more. This process will help your student to frequently come up with fresh new ideas and be original.

  • Describe Delivery Tones

Well, to be a good creative writer, you need to have explicit knowledge about various tones. Students often jumble up the different creative tomes. You shall give them clear clues about conversational, advertising tones, and many more. As well as, grammar utilized in the content shall be monotonous.

Do you know that the best creative writing tone is the conversational one? This tone creates a strong relationship between the reader and the narrator.

  • Avoid Getting Into So Many Characters

Well, so many characters can create a sense of confusion in the content. Teach your students to be minimal in the range. Adding so many characters in creative writing shall make your content a bit flawed. Give them examples of Felicity Stone Toronto to add more anticipation to their content.

  • Conduct Daily Sessions

Well, creative writing isn’t a one-day process. It requires a daily dose. Perhaps, giving your student expertise in creative writing, set up daily sessions for approximately an hour. Regular sessions will assist your student in gaining fluency in the content.

  • Edit And Rewrite Until You Get The Best Out Of It

Last but not the least; do check their work several times. Edit their mistakes again and again. Ask them to rewrite the content repeatedly. This consecutive repetitiveness will help you get the best out of your student. Know their capabilities. And increase their imagination power.

To be an excellent creative writing teacher, it is better to work on the tips and tricks. Work hard on your students. And trust me, you will get the best results ever.


Well, creative writing requires sheer focus and concentration. Moreover, follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks to be an expert in teaching creative writing to individual students.

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