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What Are The Best Features Of James Hardie Siding?

by Alexa
James Hardie Siding

In terms of home improvement costs, siding replacement is near the top. When you’ve decided to replace your siding, learning about everything that goes into the job might be daunting.

It’s important to consider how much you can afford to spend, what kind of siding you want, and which contractor you’d like to hire. Isn’t it lovely to have someone else decide for you? 

James Hardie Siding’s Advantages 


The lifespan of a home with fiber cement siding is unmatched. It can withstand the elements, including the wind, snow, and rain. Aside from being fireproof and termite-proof, fiber cement may also resist mold and mildew. Because it is nonflammable and resistant to fire, it might help you save money on your homeowner’s insurance. 

Calculating Your ROI 

The outside of your house is the first thing guests and visitors will see. You can get a good return on your money if you put in James Hardie fiber cement siding. Installing high-end materials like James Hardie siding can net a homeowner a 68% ROI, as reported by Remodeling Magazine. 

Entrance Appeal 

James Hardie siding is available in numerous designs, hues, and textures. When painted in the field, fiber cement siding may look and feel like any other material. James Hardie’s siding and trim options are attractive to any home. There is a wide variety of textures and colors to choose from, so you can find one that complements your home’s architecture and design, whether it is Colonial, Ranch, or some other style. 

Simple Upkeep 

After full roof replacement Nashville TN, maintaining fiber cement siding is simple. Most households utilize a garden hose to clean up after the winter and summer seasons. You can keep the color bright and the mold and mildew at bay by keeping up with the maintenance. 

Defeating Pests 

Carpenter ants, woodpeckers, and squirrels are just some pests attracted to homes with wood siding. Pests aren’t usually attracted to fiber cement siding. James Hardie siding is built to last and is pest-resistant to save homeowners time and effort. 

Superior Guarantee 

James Hardie guarantees that its siding products will not be damaged by hail or termites for a period of 30 years, and this warranty is not prorated. The Technology James Hardie uses is backed by a separate 15-year prorated guarantee. The warranty states that the finish will not be peeling, cracking, or chipping. 

Benefits Are Many 

Siding acts as a shield between your home and the elements and pests. James Hardie siding has many advantages that should be considered when it comes time to update your home’s siding. Many homeowners believe the advantages of fiber cement siding over vinyl or aluminum offset the higher initial expense. 

What Method Will Be Used to Install Your Hardie Plank? 

Our management will send out a single installation crew for most single-family properties. Depending on the project’s scope, the team will work three to four consecutive days to finish it. Existing siding and trim will be removed if necessary. They check the insulation and support beams behind the siding to ensure everything is in good shape. New siding is put per the manufacturer’s guidelines after repairing any damage and properly insulating the home. The siding project is incomplete until the soffit, fascia, gutters, and any other trim work are installed.


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