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Top 5 Things to Know Before Plastering Your Home

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Want to make  your home look beautiful from inside and outside by undertaking a perfect plastering? Sounds interesting right!. Plastering enhances the splendour of the house as it is considered to be an essential part of the construction process. Plastering the walls of the home decides the strength of the structure. When the plastering work is in progress, one has to keep a hawk’s eye as it is the key to a healthy and long building life. Our company is also into making UPVC doors and windows which are of world-class quality. We are also one of the leading distributors and suppliers of UPVC windows in Bangalore.

Understanding the Concept of Plastering:

Covering of uneven and rough surfaces with plastic materials such as plaster or a mortar to create a uniform, smooth, regular, transparent, and durable surface is better known as Plastering. It helps the walls and the ceilings to be more waterproof, adhesive, and water-resistant as a mixture made of lime or gypsum, sand water are used to add strength to the structure. Further, to prevent the entry of porous materials into the masonry surfaces of the structure, plastering work is undertaken.

Various Types of Plastering:

Following are the different types of plastering followed when constructing a building.

  • Cement plaster
  • Lime plaster
  • Mud plaster
  • Gypsum plaster
  • Heat-resistant plaster

Advantages of Plastering:

  • Plastering provides existing drywall a sturdy and a long-lasting finish. When the water seeps out of the cement mixture, a chemical reaction takes place. The result of this reaction results in further strengthening of the mixture making the walls more durable and weather resistant.
  • After plastering is done, an even surface is created which helps in applying the paints in a smooth way. When painted, the walls give a magnificent look to the house.
  • Plastering holds a decorative charm to the building or the structure as it gives the walls a stable and an uniform finish.
  • Plastering allows on-time completion of any renovation work since it involves a quick and a simple procedure.
  • Plastering produces less dust on the surface even when exposed for extended periods as it is totally pollution-free.
  • It gives a flawless finish on the surfaces of the walls as it is less likely to cause cracking on the surfaces.

Disadvantages of Plastering:

Plastering has few drawbacks too which are listed below.

  • Plastering requires more skilled labours which in turn leads to high cost output.
  • It is quite a challenging task to maintain a plastered wall. When it comes to cleanliness , textured plaster walls can be quite difficult to maintain.
  • Due to the passage of time, plaster tends to become more rigid and fragile. This may give rise to surface cracking.
  • Plastering is an expensive and a time-consuming process. Hence repairing and replacing the plaster needs skilled hands.

You need to know these 5 things if you want the plaster of the house to last longer without developing any cracks.

  • The first and the foremost thing is one has to keep the wall flat and in a line. This will ensure that there is no thickness varying on the surface of the wall. If the thickness of the plaster is more, the chances of it falling and developing cracks are also more. So try to keep it thin.  It is as simple as that.
  • One day prior to plastering one has to spray the wall with water and leave it for curing. This is to ensure that the bricks do not suck water from plaster and prevent it from weakening.
  • The beam and the column have to be coated with cement water first before plastering. This will ensure that the plaster forms a good bond with the wall by providing an additional strength.
  • If you are using PPC cement in the plaster mix, make sure that the cement is not more than 60 days old so it does not have lumps formed on it.
  • Make use of the chicken mesh or the fibre mesh on the joint of the column and brick wall.

Hope the article about the top 5 things to know before plastering your home was useful and informative. To know more about house plastering and other civil related works, you can get in touch with us as we are one of the reputed house construction company in Bangalore. Besides, we also provide adequate information about the UPVC doors and windows in a most reliable way.

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