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Types of Digital Events in 2022

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Types of Digital Events in 2022

The digitization has taken over the globe for a while now and with that digital events have become an integral part in various sectors. Launching a new product, product feature release, online live classes, B2B conferences, live music concerts, live shopping events – these are just a few of the areas where the adoption of digital events is rising fast.


Statistics says that 67% of the businesses opt for virtual events as complementary to the in-person events, while 61% of the marketers utilize videos as an interactive element to keep the target audience or end user engagement high. This growing popularity of digital events not only signifies its importance but also indicates the need to  leverage them properly. In this blog, we will walk you through the various types of virtual events in 2022. So, let’s get started!

The Main Types of Virtual Events in 2022

It is important to know the different types of virtual events, their purposes and the other related information to opt for the right one. Let’s have a look at the main four types of virtual events that you must be aware of.

1.   Virtual Conferences

Virtual conferences are one of the most popular types of virtual events that are adopted across diverse sectors – B2B to B2C and any other. Virtual conferences are crucial to have important discussions, agenda tracking, networking and other purposes.

Such conferences are aimed to interact in real-time just like in-person conferences and revolve around the agendas that include sessions, breakouts, keynotes, and others. Research says that 92% of the organizers have shifted to virtual events in 2021 where the virtual conferences have a significant contribution to that. No doubt that this figure is subject to increase further in the coming years.

2.   Webinars

Webinars are another popular type of virtual event that are highly adopted by various companies in different sectors. Not only the webinars are focused on offering informative insights to the audience on specific topics, but also helps in collaborating with the potential stakeholders, related business persons, networking, reaching out to the target audience and generating leads. No matter whether you have just started your business or are growing it, you must opt for such webinars to reach your business goals.

3.   Internal Hybrid Events

With the growing popularity of hybrid work culture, hybrid events have become quite popular among various organizations. An internal hybrid event refers to a combination of both in-person and virtual internal events.

In such events, it is not mandatory for every participant to be present in-person in the office or meeting place, but they can join virtually from their respective locations as well. You can go for this option for various internal meetings such as town halls, business meetings, department meetings, sales kick-off meetings, and others.

4.   External Hybrid Events

External hybrid events are also based on the concept similar to the internal hybrid events. The only difference between the internal and external hybrid events is that the latter one takes place outside of the organization such as industry conferences, stakeholders meetings and others. These types of events ensure that you can connect with global participants from different time zones without much restrictions.

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