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The 15 Most Popular Cartoon Characters With Dreads

by Alexa

There are a variety of hairstyles that can be used for a range of characters from cartoons. It’s not common to see characters that appear unattractive. The range of characters from superheroes and sidekicks Dreadlocks are an excellent way to make your character stand out. The braids , dreadlocks and locks come in a variety of hairstyles that provide characters with an individual look. So, without further delay, let’s begin to explore.

Cartoon characters of the top with Dreads

Otto Rocket from Rocket Power:

Otto is an Hawaiian half-narrator. He is an arrogant leader who is never afraid to cause trouble. He’s a pro in all extreme sports. His hairstyle is a signature feature of his look and are frequently floating in the wind as he glides along the streets riding the board. Otto can do everything to make it difficult to demonstrate how courageous the guy is. He is a dark red hair and dreadlocks.

The Sideshow Bob in the Simpsons:

Sideshow Bob was created in the role of Bart Simpson’s arch-nemesis, trying to take over Springfield as an entire town Springfield and retribute Bart with any means at hand. What makes Sideshow Bob distinct is the fact that he is able to be both funny and evil at the same time. The dreadlocks of Sideshow Bob are now the mainstay of his look and gives him a distinct appearance and differentiate him against other characters with similar ilk. Sideshow Bob is definitely a popular cartoon character who wears Dreads. Ugly cartoon characters.

Nils Nielsen:

The most well-known animated characters who sport dreads are Nils Nielsen. The brave Elf from the animated series Nils is an elf with determination who embarks on an exciting adventure to find Kale, Kale, the mysterious Kale and protect Kale from evil forces. Nils is joined by his trusty companion Yllar.

Nils is well-known for his adventurous personality and his signature hairstyle, Dreadlocks. The hairstyle is an undercut, with the dreadlocks pulled off his face, and then wrapped in a knot around the neck of his.


One of the most distinct characteristics of Doug are his hairstyles, or dreadlocks. The messy hair, wild and messy creates an individual look that differentiates Doug from the other characters of animated films. Since the time the show began broadcasting, Doug’s hair has served as a sign of his style and personality and is just one of the many aspects that make Doug an iconic cartoon character.

Chode McBlob, the one who’s Tripping the Rift:

Chode McBlob Chode McBlob is a beloved cartoon character from the TV show Tripping the Rift. Chode is an eerie red jelly-like creature who has three eyes and hair that’s Dreadlocks. Chode is an interstellar bounty hunter together with his robot friend Gus and two robot replicas of himself in space, searching for adventure and riches. His dreads give him strength and protect him from the unknown dangers of space.

Prince Zula from Conan the Adventurer:

Zula is Conan’s most trusted friend. Zula is a generous and educated leader. Zula is the prince of Wasai. Zula is able to speak to animals as well as a shaman. He can assist Conan by offering free assistance for his family members.

Barbabeau comes taken from Barbapapa:

Barbapapa Barbapapa is the only hairy character in this animated show. Barbapapa is an artist who isn’t capable of drawing on his notebook.

Edd “Double D” from Ed”Double D” by Edd N Eddy:

Ed is an animatronic character that hides his dread under a cute beanie. Ed is a gentleman to everyone around him. He doesn’t think about whether other characters are friendly to him. Ed is one of the most popular characters of this animated show. Ed is the one who is physically weak, but he is the most creative and creative among the Eds. When he’s getting into trouble, he always uses his brain to get out from the chaos.

Nadine From Hey Arnold:

Nadine is naturalist, especially insect-related. His horrible hair appears like the hair of a spider. Nadine is the most trusted companion of Rhonda.

Darwin comes from Gumball from Gumball from Amazing World of Gumball:

Gumball’s goldfish was a family member of the extended family was born with legs, gained dreads , and eventually began speaking. Darwin is an honest person who sees the good in others. He is always ready to help those in need and to help the less fortunate.

Pickles derived in The Metalocalypse:

A drummer, singer as well as songwriter , and the guitarist in charge. He is an Irish born and bred in Tomahawk. The band is a faithful member and suffers from a drinking issue. Pickle is now bald but the remaining red hairs transform into hair Dreadlocks. In the 1980s, he was wearing the glamorous haircut in his teens.

Skeeter as well as baby Scooter from the Muppet Babies Cartoon. Muppet Babies Cartoon:

Scooter plays the role of stage manager , as also a specialist in the field of mechanical engineering. The character who started the whole thing, Skeeter, is a scooter’s twin. The characters were created to be used in cartoons. The two characters have the same hair style.

Maurice (Numbuh 9.) From Kids Next Door:

Maurice is an American-born cartoon character with hairdreadlocks of brown with large brown hair. Maurice is an expert in the v-sector as well as believed to have a close friend. He also was the leader of the ambush on teens.

Susie Carmichael from Rugrats:

Susie is a skilled performer and a pupil. She usually is a nice person despite the fact that her hair is tied with 3 flowers and tie-dyed red. The only female with hair that is dreads in this listing.

Hermes of Futurama: Conrad from Futurama:

Hermes Conrad Hermes Conrad Hermes Conrad, the Jamaican Office worker in Matt Groening’s Futurama is the most evocative depiction of an animated character that wears hair which is disgusting. Hermes is the Director for Planet Express, the Planet Express delivery service, and his tough-minded attitude is only enhanced by his unique style of clothing. Even though He is often criticised for his hairstyle, it’s an expression of his dedication to his heritage.


If you take a look at these 15 cartoon characters with dreads, it’s evident that dreadlocks can be a highly effective and enjoyable way of expressing the uniqueness and imagination that is. While certain characters have embraced the look differently than others , they’ve all made a lasting impression on the world of animated. We hope this list inspired you to become a true artist and show off your unique style.

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