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How to choose the right lash extension styles for each client?

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It is very important to advise clients on the eyelash extension style suitable for their eye shape and whole look. In reality, you will encounter many different eye shapes and wonder which is the best choice. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself with the necessary knowledge and experience. There will also be lash extension styles suitable for many popular eye shapes. Let’s find out interesting things about lash extension styles!

Single Eyelids:

Single eyelids are usually small with a faint eyelid line. Therefore, choosing lash extension styles with thick and black eyelashes with large curls to create highlights for the eyes. Eyelash extensions styles suitable for single eyelids are volume, hybrid and fox-eye. The lashes with D, DD, L and L+ curls will help lift the eyelid, making the eyes bigger, brighter and more lively.

With that in mind, we suggest faux mink lashes at LLBA, the perfect choice for the above lash extension styles due to their ultra-thin material, soft texture, with natural color. Therefore, when applied to real lashes, it creates a perfect result and can keep the curl for a long time.

Wide-set eyes and unclear eyelids:

If someone has this eye shape, their eyes are set farther apart than usual. Therefore, with this lash extensions style for wide-set eyes and unclear eyelids, you should interlace the short and long eyelashes with a curved structure like hybrid or cat-eye. These types of eyelash extensions will help create the effect that the eyes are closer together and more balanced. Eyelash extensions artists can add a few lashes at the end of the lower eyelid to create a feeling of a wider and more attractive look. You can absolutely find suitable lash materials for these eyelash extensions at LLBA.

Round and close-set eyes:

When it comes to round eyes, we can say that it is a pretty eye shape. Therefore, you just need to choose the lashes with moderate length and curl. However, it would help to consider suitable thicknesses to avoid making the eyes heavy and unnatural.

You can apply lash extension styles for close-set eyes to create the effect that the distance between the eyes is larger and longer. It will help create harmony for the eyes. A small tip is adding long eyelashes at the end of the eye to get the desired result. We recommend the lash styles for this eye shape: cat-eye, fox eye, or fishtail eyelash extensions.

Deep-set eyes:

If someone has deep-set eyes, that means their eyes are set more profound in the eye socket. You can correct this flaw by creating a reasonable opening. We recommend you prioritize using faux mink lashes with D, DD, L curls of LLBA for this eye shape. We believe that it can conquer all lash artists and clients with a soft, smooth texture and real gloss. In addition, you can also find seasonal glue products, tweezes sets or eyelash care products.

Small eyes or lifeless eyes:

Small eyes or lifeless eyes are often characterized by drooping eyes, which makes the eyes lack vitality. The face looks sad and less fresh. We recommend that you choose to lash extension styles that use medium length, curl or lash extensions that are slightly longer towards the outer corner of the eye. Cleverly choosing the right lash extension style will make the eyes brighter, making them lively and joyful, more soulful. However, you should avoid making the eyes look heavy and block your client’s vision by making the eyelash too thick or long.

Almond-shaped eyes:

Suppose there is a standard eye shape popular among eyelash extensions artists. It is probably the almond eye shape. The recommended lash extension styles for this eye shape are medium length, long lashes at the end of the eyes, great density and spread. You can try any eyelash style for this eye shape or advise a style according to the clients’ preferences.

Triangle eyes:

It is not a typical eye shape. Triangle eyes are characterized by the upper rim curving higher than usual, while the lower rim is almost a straight line. In addition, the eyebrows are also located quite close to the eyelids. Therefore, you need to apply both upper and lower lashes for triangle eyes. The right style of eyelash extension is one style that creates balance for the eyes, making the eyes bigger and rounder.

Above are the eye shapes you will surely encounter often on your career path. We hope that the lash extension styles that we share in the article will help you become more confident and comfortable consulting with customers. In addition, you can also find many reputable eyelash extensions products at LLBA. Don’t forget to follow our articles for more useful information.

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