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Tips for Staying Awake on the Road

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Driving is a relaxing activity for many people. However, you don’t want to fall asleep behind the wheel. 

Drivers must remain alert and fully awake on the road. Otherwise, you risk colliding with other vehicles or pedestrians. In a blink of the eye, you could creep into a big rig’s blind spot; you might not spot the oncoming motorcyclist that intends to change lanes.

The good news is that plenty of ways to remain alert behind the wheel exist. For example, you can bring a friend with you. Drivers can also pick up a cup of coffee.

Let’s look at nine tips for staying awake on the road.

1. Sleep Enough Before Hitting the Road

The best way to stay awake on the road is to sleep enough before hitting it. Adults benefit from seven to nine hours of sleep daily. You must rest to recharge your neurons, hormones, and body. 

Moreover, you’ll remain alert while driving, especially in traffic.

For a long or short trip, sleep enough before driving. 

2. Take a Passenger with You

Distracted driving remains a concern for the agencies tasked with overseeing public safety and motor vehicles. 

To stay awake, bring a friend along. However, ensure that your friend provides productive company, not distractions. A passenger doubles as a great navigator. They can also have a light conversation with you. 

Even though FedEx, UPS, and Amazon trucks are highly visible, colliding with them is too easy, especially if you or they encounter distractions. JT Legal Group outlines what to do if accidents with delivery trucks occur. 

3. Drive Before the Evening Hours

Another way to ensure that you remain awake is to drive before the evening hours. 

The length of the trip plays a role. If you’re commuting home after your shift, you will drive in the evening. However, it’s different for long trips. 

Avoid driving close to your bedtime. If you drive over it, you risk falling asleep at the wheel. Therefore, plan your trip and try to leave in the morning instead of the evening. 

4. Take a Break

America has several backroads that help travelers get from one small town to the other. They feature the same scenery and few rest stops. So it’s possible to feel sleepy. 

If you feel tired, look for a rest stop and take a break. Otherwise, find a safe place to pull over and stretch your legs.

On long trips, public safety professionals recommend taking a break every two hours. 

5. Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

Driving while under the influence remains against the law across the United States. Thus, avoid drinking and driving. Also, avoid consuming drugs and smoking. 

Alcohol is a downer, so it will make some individuals sleepy on top of giving them a buzz. Many drugs are uppers; they won’t make you sleepy but they can cause you to collide with other drivers.

To remain awake on the road, remain sober.  

6. Have Some Coffee

Most people know that coffee has a healthy dose of caffeine. Therefore, it’s a great driving companion. 

The jolt of caffeine can help you arrive at your destination safe and sound. Keep in mind that it can also give you a sudden jolt so pace yourself. 

7. Have a Meal

When driving, it helps to have a full stomach. If you need a break, stop for a meal or quick bite.

Eating can break up the sleepiness that you feel. Plus, you can recharge by eating dark chocolate with nuts or drinking a protein shake. 

8. Listen to Music

Listening to music at a reasonable volume level helps drivers remain alert. Singing along to the hits helps keep drivers awake too.

To avoid changing the stations while you drive, put together a playlist on your smartphone and play it instead of turning on the radio. 

9. Watch Your Posture

The proper driving posture requires drivers to place their hands at 10 and 2. Ideally, this helps you place your body in an upright position too.

If you notice that you started to slouch, fix it. A slouching position indicates that you probably feel tired. Plus, it can lead to muscle soreness and joint discomfort. 


Most people commute daily without incident. Veteran drivers benefit from remaining alert on the road as much as new drivers. While you sit behind the wheel, check-in on how you feel. If tiredness or sleepiness wants to set in, take a break, grab a bite to eat, and a cup of Joe. 

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