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Kashmir in November and December

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The heaven on earth, Kashmir, is a traveller’s dream, no matter the month. With a lush green summer, a fulfilling monsoon and a peacefully sad autumn, winter gives Kashmir its natural hue and brings its overwhelming rawness at its very best.

The months of November and December are winter months in Kashmir when snow garnishes the landscape. Let’s explore the beauty of heavenly Kashmir in these months and see what the land has in store for you in November and December.

Weather in Kashmir in November and December

The temperature of Kashmir in November and December is falling down every day and almost all parts that see snow in winter receive it by December end. The temperature in Kashmir in November becomes an average of 10-20 degrees celsius and in December, it falls down further to 5 degrees Celsius.

November sees sunshine in abundance while December weather is misty and windy. Upper passes and altitudinal places start receiving snow by mid-November only. So, if you want to see snow in Kashmir, visit after mid-November at high altitudes.

Things to do in Kashmir in November and December

The best part of visiting Kashmir in these months is all the adventure activities that you can indulge in. Here are a few things to do in Kashmir in November and December.

  1. Snow activities

From skiing to sledging and sledding to snowboarding, Kashmir in November and December is a hub of adventure. Igloos are dotting the landscape and snowmen are guarding houses.

     2. Ice skating

Numerous frozen lakes of Kashmir in November and December are an opportunity to tighten your skating gear. Ice skating on Kashmir’s great lakes is a popular activity in the region during these months.

     3. Shikara ride

A misty journey through the partially frozen Dal Lake is an otherworldly experience which you must indulge in.

     4. Gondola ride

Gulmarg gondola ride is a must-have experience in November and December through the taiga landscape of Gulmarg forests.

Places to visit in Kashmir in November and December

  1. Anantnag

Also known as ‘the Gateway of Kashmir’, Anantnag witnesses one of the best winters in Kashmir. The snow is very deep and thick. If you are planning a quiet undisturbed vacation, the place will offer you frozen waterfalls, fresh fruits and a house-packed quietude.

      2. Srinagar

One of the most visited destinations of Kashmir, Srinagar has everything that you are looking for in Kashmir. From adventure activities to fun delicacies and from historical monuments to interesting cafes, Srinagar is a must-visit place in Kashmir.

      3. Gulmarg

The destination is the adventure spot that tourists crave in Kashmir. Covered under snow in November and December, Gulmarg is a picturesque landscape with a welcoming vibe.

      4. Kupwara

Known as the ‘Crown of Kashmir’, Kupwara is a little hamlet which is abundant in natural beauty. The flowing Talri river and the thick pine forest give Kupwara an otherworldly touch when covered under snow.

Is it worth going to Kashmir in November and December?

Kashmir in November and December is awaiting tourists. The landscape has too much to offer with winter setting in and tourists arriving packed to find a respite from city pollution and face Kashmiri winter. The landscape becomes a sight to behold under a thick blanket of snow.

Destinations like Gulmarg and Sonmarg are bustling with tourists and except for the weather, everything else including the people and the delicacies of Kashmir are warmly inviting. It indeed is worth visiting Kashmir in November and December.

However there are some offbeat locations in Kashmir like the gorgeous Gurez Valley which you can even visit in November. But there remains the chance of snowfall and the temperature then drops and makes it cold.

Things to keep in mind

  1. The road closure is common due to heavy snowfall. Check the status and weather forecast each day before setting out somewhere while travelling in November and December.
  2. Carry thick jackets and socks with you as the weather will be intolerably cold. You should also carry your Gumboots with you as otherwise, you won’t be able to walk in the snow.
  3. Choose your hotel wisely with adequate heating facilities. Staying at a place without internal heating at -10 degrees is not a pleasant experience.

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