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How to Choose the Right Size of Storage Units Surrey

How to Choose the Right Size of Storage Units Surrey

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Storage Units Surrey

Life happens and with it, come a number of small tasks that need to be completed in order for you to be able to handle situations. Now when life happens, it doesn’t necessarily happen negatively. There are happy occasions as well as the melancholy- and they all require storage units Surrey

The happier occasions may be vacations, studying in a new country, moving, getting married, getting new furniture, and a lot more! There may be a few sadder and more difficult occasions as well, such as divorce, death, ending a business, etc. With all of this comes the responsibility to handle baggage- or your stuff. 

Therefore, for those of you that thought storage was hardly a needed service, you should think again. With space in homes decreasing, possessions increasing, and a number of other reasons, storage units Surrey are now a requirement. 

However, how do you choose the right size for your storage unit? 

Here are a number of things that you should consider: 

Count number of boxes/suitcases

Choosing the right size for a storage unit involves assessing how many boxes or suitcases you will be putting into it. Every storage unit can hold a certain number of boxes and/or suitcases. So, if you have 15-20 boxes or suitcases, a 12-square feet storage unit would not be adequate for you. 

It is a better idea to rent a larger unit rather than settling for a smaller one, because cramming your belongings inside can cause damage. Moreover, usually larger units do not cost much more than smaller units, so you might as well go for the upsize. 

Consider size of boxes/suitcases

So, when you are choosing storage units Surrey, it is important to assess your belongings vertically as well as horizontally. Find out how high each of the units are as sometimes larger units have higher ceilings while smaller units have lower ceilings. 

If your boxes or suitcases are over five feet or so, you may need a larger unit with a higher ceiling. For example, if you want to store your old or perhaps a new refrigerator for a while you will need a taller or wider unit based on the size of the item you want to store. 

To determine the size you need, consider the size of your largest item. 

Examine the number of ways you can store

You also shouldn’t waste space if you can make do with a smaller unit. There is no need to pay extra and go for a larger one if your items can fit into a smaller unit. How do you figure this out?

 If you are using a self-storage service, you need to visit the unit and try to store items in the best way possible. For example, items that are stackable can be stacked, those that don’t fit vertically can be put in horizontally, and other ways. 

There are several storage hacks that can help you organize your storage unit and help you easily fit your belongings into the required space. Try different ways but make sure you do not cram your belongings in or arrange them in a way that may damage them. 

Ask a company rep

The easiest way to determine what size storage unit is best for you is for you to ask a company representative or a customer support specialist. If you are using a serviced storage service like STORED, where they pick up your belongings and bring them back to your doorstep, you may need to ask a rep what can fit into different sized storage units. 

Sometimes, the company has what may be called a storage size calculator, and you can view information about approximately what can fit into different storage units. For example, if you are storing belongings from one room, you may need a 15 square feet to 25 square feet unit. 

If you are storing more, you will need a larger one. Customer support specialists can really help you determine what you need and how to book it. 

Think about the type of belongings you have

There are some belongings which are sensitive and can easily be damaged, such as leather, paintings, fragile items, etc. If you have these in your storage units Surrey, it is a good idea to book perhaps a slightly larger unit to give your belongings some air and avoid cramming them in or being too close to one another. 

If your belongings are mainly clothes and plastic, unbreakable household items, you can save by going for a smaller unit and placing them close to each other. 

Determine how often you will be visiting the unit

One of the downsides of booking a self-storage unit is that you have to visit the unit yourself and keep rummaging in it. If that’s the case and you will be moving items in and out of your unit, it is best to book a unit that will give you some walking space. 

If your items are crammed in and there is no place to stand while you rummage in your belongings, you might have a very hard time. It is worth it to pay a few pounds extra and book a slightly larger size so you can at least safely retrieve stuff when you need it. 

Consider the length of storage

If you store for a longer period of time, you often get discounts so you can afford a larger unit. In fact, if you are going to be putting your belongings away for long, it is a better idea to go for a larger unit that provides more air and keeps your belongings safe and harm-free. 

If you are looking for a temporary storage arrangement, maybe for a couple of days or weeks, you may be okay with a smaller unit since you won’t be visiting often nor will you be keeping your stuff there for too long. Think about all of these factors when booking your storage units Surrey and you will choose the best size! Happy storing! 

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