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What is the SEO method and what are the factors?

What is the SEO method and what are the factors?

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Many people start doing business. At some point, they will find ways to expand their business by marketing online, whether it’s Facebook, IG, YouTube, and one of them that is the most classic is the Website. When starting a website, you will find a way to create it. During entering the industry of making a website, you will always encounter the word “SEO” through your ears and eyes … The first question that people who hear the word SEO will ask is what it is?? What did you do it for?? which we will find the answer together in this

The easiest way to understand is … SEO is the way to get your website on the first page of Google. Google’s search engine system will process the sorting of websites. Come out for us to choose to visit.

which the website that ranked first It will be a website with good SEO, making Google see that these websites are quality and bring them on the first page for people to visit. As for websites that Google sees as bad, they will be placed on the back.

Naturally, when people search for words on Google, they click on the first ones. right?

Think of Google as a bookstore. He had to choose a good book. put it where people see the most He wouldn’t pick a bad book. because the reader may be disappointed feel bad in order to maintain a good bookstore You have to choose a good book that is worth reading, interesting for people to read and feel good about.

There will be some websites that use paid advertising directly with Google, which here they will already be on the first page. But we don’t have to be afraid. In the long run, a website that does SEO will always win. Because if they stop shooting Ad, when the rank will fall immediately. And some users prefer to avoid websites that are Ads as well.

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is the process of getting our website ranking on Google search without paying for advertising. (Is doing organic), the process of doing SEO that will include decorating the website. Restructure various content to make Google like our website.

Google Ranking Factors

Google rankings are quite complex, they use algorithms to rank them. It will consider many factors (more than 200 factors), but there are only a few main fundamental factors that we need to do, both on-page and off-page, which our duty is to focus on in this section. Make it in line with the SERP ( Search engine results page ) system in order to rank our website better.

The main fundamental factors that Google considers are

Reputation in the online world: website size, age, number of people visiting the website. Texture structure: structure according to the principle, with Title, H1, H2, Table of Contents.  The participation of people who visit the website: stay on our website for a long time. high click rate.


Before going into the subject of on-page and off-page SEO, we need to talk about the “core” of the website, which is “content”, no matter how beautiful our website is. But the content presented is hollow. People come to the website and get nothing. It’s useless. Google doesn’t like it … so I want people who are starting to do SEO service plans. Don’t rely on tweaking a lot. Start with good content first. If the content is good, SEO optimization can be very effective … if the structure is good. Future customizations will be fine.

The better the quality of the content on our website, the higher the chance that Google will rank our website. the better the content the longer people read The more people want to buy things from our website, the more Google will like us as well.

As for the presentation of the content, there are many types. This one is quite an art. There is no right or wrong, but I want you to put your intentions into the content to the fullest. Don’t do it. Because nowadays people are smart. know which one is fake Which one is real, and Google is smart too. We also know that our website was accidentally made. Or do it on purpose… Every successful website in the SEO industry comes from doing it on purpose. No luck at all.

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