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Setting Up a Country Style Bathroom

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The country house style is one of the most popular themes in interior design. Over the decades, people have gotten used to living in big cities, so the country house style has become a kind of classic that looks good, but at the same time has something exotic about it.

The bathroom is one of the best places to test your interior design skills. Bathrooms are usually smaller than other rooms in the house, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time and effort on them.

You should start with the walls and the floor.

The walls should be painted in warm colors. Light yellow, beige, or sandy brown colors are ideal. The ceiling should preferably be left white. Note that water repellent paint should be used, as bathrooms are usually exposed to moisture.

I recommend tiling the floor.

You need to get a little creative at this point, as there are many different options for choosing floor tiles. The first option I recommend is a simple two-color checkerboard. The first color should be bright and the second should be much darker. Ivory and light gray are good, as well as white and chocolate brown.

Another option when choosing floor tiles for the bathroom is single-color tiles.

In this case, you should pay attention to their surface. Dark brown tiles in the form of a garland, reminiscent of natural stone masonry, will look elegant.

Installing the right tub in your bathroom is a very important step. You should look for a cast iron bathtub with a vintage look. You will most likely find one at your local hardware store, but you can always order one online. My advice is to never buy a used bathtub. A new one will cost a little more, but it will be much more enjoyable to rest in.

Now that we’ve done the basic installation, it’s time to pay attention to all the little details that will give your bathroom more charm.

Make sure that all of your bathroom accessories (faucets, towel rails, and door handles) are made of bronze or brass. If you can’t get them, try to find ones that at least look like bronze or brass. Bright, shiny steel faucets will disrupt the vintage look somewhat.

The shower curtain should be rustic.

This usually means it should be mixed and have a square pattern. Use warm colors that have something in common with your tiles.

A couple of https://decorface.com/how-to-keep-bathroom-clean-and-fresh/would bring a unique cozy feeling to the place. Those can be made by you or purchased. Another bit that needed to be added to the bathroom is: wooden medicine cabinet with a built-in mirror and a wicker laundry hamper. A big rubber plant would be a perfect final touch in case your bathroom has a window that allows enough light to go inside.

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