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The best portable label maker for all your needs

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The husband and wife are happy that I have few instruments. I’m not interested in the vacuum oven, which I buy every time I buy expensive steaks, and when I first tried to cook something, when I first cooked it, I ended up with a light, burnt but not yet drunk chili. (Too much bulgur, not enough liquid!). What is my label? A device to be wrested from my cold, dead, half-organized hands.

First, my oldest daughter bought a small notebook printer and spent a lot of time and effort filling her freezer with wholesome hand-made foods. The note-taking printer has helped to track down huge stocks of baby food (after all, quinoa and banana pancakes, quinoa and apple pancakes are not much different from each other). More importantly, neatly typed articles make me feel like I belong.

Now that my daughter is attending school, it is great to see that the freezer and utensils are packed with the same label. I tried five different models to find the most comfortable and easy to use. Read on to find out which portable label maker I prefer. Scroll down the page for the test details.

This note maker satisfies my basic requirements – it’s easy to get and use. You can even get started right away (though you’ll need six AAA batteries) and come with a test tape cassette. I prefer a typewriter keyboard (QWERTY) (in alphabetical order it takes a long time and type a lot in small letters with letter keys). Easily find and change font and formatting options. The printer is fast and not too noisy. The note is not enough to keep it in the kitchen drawer, and enough light to go around the house during the next organizational meeting. Notes are easy to use (I used to use my brother’s notes) and will continue to use them for years to come.

This note-taking printer, on the other hand, uses a lot of tape and leaves at least half an inch of blank tape in front of the printed record. The solution to this problem is to print several records at once, which must be manually deleted. Also, an Amazon user noticed that the lack of name tags on this note printer was “a little rusty,” but I think if the note weren’t prioritized it would be a forgotten mistake.

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