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Main traffic rules

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If you intend to get your US driver’s license, then you need to understand US laws

The United States is famous for letting minors drive, which in many other countries is a crime that can even result in jail time. US citizens and legal aliens can drive from the age of 16. It is very common to see this, especially in films — where young people who attend high school drive to schools. However, to be able to obtain the license to drive, it is necessary to know the traffic rules and safety measures.

A very common safety and signaling measure in the United States and beyond is the use of road cones. They serve to signal to other drivers that something has happened at the scene and to keep away from pedestrians. Have you ever seen a road cone? It is very natural to see them during accidents, road construction or in hazardous areas.

In this article, we’ll talk more about road cones and what you should do if you see them while driving. We will also talk about the main traffic laws in the United States and what you need to have your driver’s license legalized without having problems with the authorities. Follow our tips below.

School area

Driving near school areas is very dangerous, even if students aged 16 and over are allowed to drive, then it is necessary to keep the speed low. Areas with minors, who are people most at risk, it is mandatory for the driver to drive more slowly out of respect for students. If this rule is not followed, the state where the offense was committed can choose the law that will punish; it could be the payment of bail, imprisonment or voluntary services to the community.

Hospital area

In the hospital area, the rules are very similar to the school area, but there is a difference, you can’t make loud noises, so horns can be a big problem. The reason this rule exists is that noise bothers and disturbs patients who are recovering. To avoid honking and other sounds, the driver is advised to drive slowly. In the hospital and school area, road cones are not used, only if there is an accident or if patients and students are moving around.

Building area

In construction areas, signs are used to alert drivers and pedestrians. In addition to signs, road cones are also used, it is the most effective way to keep your distance from drivers. While you were driving, did you see a cone on the road? If so, it was probably because of construction or to keep away from a hazardous area. Road cones are usually colored or have lights to signal at night and be more visible to drivers.

Road accidents

Accidents on the road are common due to a collision between cars or involving a pedestrian. To prevent further accidents and more injuries, road cones are also used to alert motorists that the area is at risk. If you intend to take your driver’s license, know that it is important not to disturb traffic to observe the accident, this takes your attention and causes slowness with the drivers who are behind you.

In this article, we covered the main traffic laws in the United States. Do you know any other country that adopts similar rules? Brazil and Argentina have some traffic signs similar to those of the Americans. We also talked about one of the main traffic safety tools, the road cone. It is also a way to keep your driver’s license regularized with local authorities.

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