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Switch to 5G Pvt N/W with LTE 4G/5G Tester Equipment & RF Drive Test Tools

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Industry 4.0 sectors or the manufacturing industries across the globe are adopting 5G private networks at a faster rate, especially to facilitate AI-based use cases, such as adaptive manufacturing, closed-loop manufacturing, maintenance predictive analytics, training and safety of workers based on extended reality (XR), etc. But the reality is that 5G private networks go beyond manufacturing and enable business in all spheres – the engineering wireless services offers more reliable connectivity, faster data speeds, lower latency, and greater network scalability, security, and control than 4G. So, now let us see how enterprises can switch to 5G Private Networks with QoS 5g tester, 5G test equipment, 5g network tester tools and QoS RF drive test tools & equipment, RF tester software app & network LTE 4g tester.

What is a private 5G network?

Private 5G refers to a non-public mobile network that can use licensed, unlicensed, or shared spectrum and allows the owner to provide priority access or licensing for its wireless spectrum. The deployment of a 5G private network is beneficial to those areas where coverage, speed, and security capabilities are needed beyond those services offered by the Wi-Fi network or other technologies.

A private 5G network can be tailored for specific business requirements and that enables every type of business or industry to devote bandwidth for ultra-reliable low latency use cases (robotics, industrial IoT, control over data, security, and networks). Moreover, Private 5G networks enhance existing capabilities and introduce new possibilities which are not supported by other systems. Some of the benefits of private 5G networks are better control capacity, increased security, and no monthly fees. 

The advantages or benefits of 5G private network

  • A private 5G network or LTE cellular network offers dedicated on-premises or local coverage, which is meant for remote services where the public networks neither exist nor the indoor coverage is robust.  
  • A private network 5G makes use of the available capacity completely as there is no contention from any of the public network users.
  • Private network operators can deploy their security policies to authorize users, prioritize traffic, and ensure that sensitive data does not leave the premises without authorization.
  • 5G private networks provide more reliable industrial wireless communication for numerous use cases, coupled with customized service, intrinsic control, and URLLC capabilities. 
  • With a private 5G network, the integration of information technology (IT) systems with operational-technology (OT) systems will speed up a massive digital transformation in several businesses – digital technologies will also facilitate use cases, such as automated manufacturing and many more.
  • A 5G private network enables synchronization and integration of tracking data into its workflow, allowing production lines that need to be configured in real-time. For example, let’s say, a factory’s assembly lines and infrastructure (robotic arms, autonomous mobile robots/AMRs, autonomous guided vehicles/AGVs, and sensors) are wirelessly connected, hence configuring, or moving assembly elements on demand is much easier. And this use case application can be accomplished with 5G private networks because it demands highly reliable, low-latency wireless connectivity and coverage, potentially high data rates in both the uplink and downlink (5G private networks can fulfil this). 
  • In addition, 5G private networks are also allowing or enabling mobile augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications, for instance- engineers will be able to view superimposed blueprints, soldiers will be able to have heads-up displays, and businesses will arrange virtual meetings in the field or working remotely.


According to the source- Worldinformationnow, experts predict that tens of billions of dollars will be invested in 5G private networks by the end of 2024. The adoption of 5G private network increases and it will expand more as businesses are keen to avail benefits of widespread, low-latency, high-bandwidth, and secure connectivity. With private network 5G, all systems of several businesses will be automated and connected with low-latency wireless, capable of allowing adaptive business models.

So, the businesses that adopted 5G private networks can use a non-traditional 5G drive testing/indoor survey and monitoring solutions such as RantCell. The app-based tool RantCell is one of the ideal 5G testing tools and a 5G quality tool that can accurately measure KPIs, thereby providing Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS) to the end-users. 

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