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Biography of Elena Letuchaya

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Elena Letuchaya

Elena Letuchaya,The future fighter for justice was born into a family of civil engineers. In 1986, Alexander Nikolaevich and Lissa Aires Flying were sent to the construction of the Baikal-Amur Mainline, and the family moved to Tynda. There Elena graduated from high school. The girl enjoyed studying and mastering new professions – she graduated from the Annunciation College of Finance and Economics, after which she returned to her native Yaroslavl.

In 2005, Elena received a diploma from the Russian State University of Railways (she combined her studies at the university with work at the Russian Railways) and for several years after that, she worked in one of the structures of Gazprom as a financier. In 2008 she entered the Ostankino School of Television and graduated with a diploma in TV and radio presenting. But in the period from 2010 to 2014, Flying was a fighter of the invisible front: she filmed various documentaries and was an editor and producer of a number of television projects. Elena’s path in the profession was by no means strewn with roses. Sometimes she didn’t even have enough money to pay for rented housing in Moscow, and then her mother persuaded her to return to her native Yaroslavl …

Elena’s star rose in 2014, when on Friday! the program “Revizorro with Ariees” was released. For several years, the fearless blonde burst into the kitchens of catering establishments was a nightmare for hotel owners and shopkeepers. She taught viewers to fearlessly fight for their rights and legally insist on high-quality service.

In November 2017, Elena, unexpectedly for many, changed her place of work to the “first button”, accepting the offer of Konstantin Ernst. She launched a new program “Flying Squad”, in which she inspects social institutions – hospitals, schools, and kindergartens.

The divorce is on Friday! TV channel, whose face she was for several years, can hardly be called amicable: according to the amicable agreement, Flying is obliged to pay 50% of her fee on Channel One as a forfeit to the Friday! until the end of the contract with the latter. “I accepted this demand,” Elena said in an interview. – For me, it is much more important to do social journalism and again be needed and useful to people. After all, it was the idea of ​​effective journalism that brought me into the profession, and this is what I want to do. “

elena letuchaya

Personal life of Elena Letuchaya Flying

Elena is married. The spectacular blonde met her future husband, businessman, and lawyer Yuri Anashenkov in 2014. In 2016, on Valentine’s Day, Flying accepted a marriage proposal, and six months later she married her chosen one. The wedding took place on the Greek island of Santorini.

A few years after the birth of Elena Letuchaya’s daughter, her whole family set out to create BAM. Elena’s father in the profession was a civil engineer, and there he was offered a good position, and Elena’s mother followed her husband. So she finished her schooling in the Siberian city of Tynda.
Since her childhood, Elena has shown her creative potential and was so versatile that Elena couldn’t choose a profession to her liking for a long time. She learned to sing, and draw, started a figure skating school, danced, and took part with pleasure in all school concerts and events from her childhood. She was very innovative.

Interesting facts about Elena letuchaya :-

  • The TV presenter is actively involved in charity work. For example, she repeatedly tripled sales of her clothes and other personal items, all of which went to help animal shelters. In 2017, as an honorary volunteer, she took part in the “360 minutes” Eco-marathon and, in the company of 17 thousand volunteers, collected 36,000 bags of garbage on the shores of Lake Baikal in six hours.
  • An active lifestyle helps Elena to maintain her ideal shape. She does yoga and jogging, and she is excellent in the saddle. She goes rollerblading in summer and downhill skiing in winter. Likes to surf on vacation.
  • Flying loves to cook. But in restaurants, she no longer eats. Too many shocking details about catering were revealed to her while working on Revizorro.

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