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IM Academy Launches Brand-New Time-Based Exchange (TBX) Academy

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IM Academy, a leading online financial education service provider, has introduced a new learning academy to its platform. The new Time-Based Exchange (TBX) Academy is the latest addition to IM Academy’s offerings, which include learning academies with courses on the foreign exchange (forex), digital currency, and e-commerce markets. TBX Academy educates students on fast-paced market exchange strategies, focusing on a short-term approach to markets known as scalping.


What Is Scalping?


Scalping refers to a market strategy involving quick execution of a high volume of exchanges, typically within a few minutes or a few hours. The strategy involves making a number of exchanges as prices experience small shifts over the course of a day. To understand this strategy, market participants often study patterns such as candlesticks, and IM Academy covers these and other patterns through TBX Academy.


For Whom Is TBX Academy?


TBX Academy was designed for students interested in fast-paced market engagement. While IM Academy offers academies focused on a variety of strategies for forex, digital currency, and e-commerce markets, TBX Academy was created to educate IM Academy students on strategies that are specifically focused on a higher volume of exchanges.


How TBX Academy Works


Students who sign up for TBX Academy receive access to live mentorship opportunities, as well as prerecorded lectures, readings, and strategies. These services can be accessed via the IM Academy web portal or IM Academy app using a personal computer or smartphone.


IM Academy’s GoLive service provides students with access to educators who offer daily live analysis and education sessions. The TBX GoLive channel gives students 24/7 access and features over 15 IM Academy educators and opportunities to study in multiple languages.


TBX Academy is divided into four series of courses: 100-level general courses, 200-level required courses, 300-level strategy courses, and 400-level advanced courses.


In 100-level courses, IM Academy students receive a basic overview of market participation, including discussions of pips, or percentage in point, exchange rates, and order types. The 200-level courses move beyond these basics to educate students on topics such as candlestick patterns, price action, support and resistance, price consolidation, and market trends. The 300-level courses discuss the importance of proper risk management when utilizing time-based exchange strategies. They also cover topics such as market analysis, trend indicators, momentum indicators, and volatility indicators. With 400-level series courses, IM Academy students study more advanced topics and strategies, including primary directional bias, trend lines, the difference between primary and second phases, and Elliott wave and Fibonacci patterns.


About IM Academy


Founded in 2013 as IM Mastery Academy by CEO Christopher Terry and CFO Isis Terry, IM Academy offers students focused learning academies, live mentorship opportunities, and education on financial market strategies.


In addition to the TBX Academy, it offers the DCX Academy for the digital currency market, ECX Academy for the e-commerce market, and FRX Academy for the forex market. While each academy focuses on a different market, the shared goal is to educate IM Academy students on these dynamic markets using informative, easy-to-access online materials.


Since its founding, IM Academy has reached thousands of students on an international scale, providing its courses in multiple languages, including Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish, and Mandarin.


With the addition of TBX Academy, IM Academy continues to build a platform that allows students to pursue a well-rounded education in a variety of financial markets on their own time.

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