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Overcoming Common Salesforce Testing Challenges with Automation

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Testing salesforce is one of the major hurdles that businesses need to conquer in order to keep up with the rapidly-changing customer demands to stay relevant in the market. Salesforce automation testing allows organizations to enhance the quality and speed of testing, bringing quantifiable benefits to product delivery, provided they have the right tools and strategy at their disposal. 

Why Consider Salesforce Test Automation?

Test automation is generally used for monitoring applications and verifying whether processes are performing consistently within Salesforce and in relation to other applications and systems. 

Testing is also necessary when there are new updates to the system, such as when upgrading to Salesforce Lightning. Suppose a global enterprise that gets millions of visits on its ecommerce website each day hasits system connections down. In that case, it can cause a significant loss of profit and customers, even when the system is down just for a couple of minutes. 

Because automation offers greater accuracy and speed of testing, it is possible to mitigate risks effectively. 

Other than reducing risk, test automation is also useful in increasing test coverage, speeding up the release cycle of software delivery, and enhancing product quality through accurate and efficient testing. 

For businesses, it could ultimately mean reduced costs, reduced risks, and increased competitive advantage. 

How Can You Automate Salesforce?

If you plan on automating Salesforce tests, there are two pathways for you to choose. We’re going to discuss both of them briefly – 

Code-Based Frameworks 

When it comes to code-based solutions, there are multiple options available in the market. The problem with any free and open-source framework is that it would require developers who have strong programming skills. Because it needs code, the setup and maintenance time will be longer – time businesses could use for other operations. 

No-Code Automation Tools 

Compared to code-based testing solutions, no-code testing tools don’t require developers to spend time on setup and maintenance. Any business user will be able to automate it, which helps in removing the skills gap to free up resources. 

People having a deeper understanding of Salesforce in the organization will be able to contribute to testing and quality assurance. 

However, it’s important to note that no-code test automation isn’t available for free. It may have initial startup costs, but it offers enormous savings in the long run. By taking the no-code route, businesses will get a faster return on investments due to the reduced setup and maintenance time. In addition, scaling the solution is also easy and seamless without requiring extra costs. 

Opkey – The Ultimate Salesforce Test Automation Tool

Though Salesforce is a highly complex platform, its automation doesn’t need to be complex. Using Opkey’s no-code automation platform, it is possible for you to get rid of the unnecessary complexities that occur in testing, ensuring an easy set up and maintenance of Salesforce tests. 

From Autonomous test Discovery to Impact Analysis and Self Healthy Scripts, Opkey’s Salesforce automation can conduct tests faster, saving you 75 percent in costs. Maximize your ROI with Opkey today! 

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