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Call For A Professional Sewer Plumber and Say Good Bye To Your Clogged Drainage Problems

by Rajdeep Basu
Professional Sewer Plumber

Your main sewage line is in charge of releasing all of the wastewater from your drains. If this pipe becomes clogged, wastewater will not be able to reach the public sewer. Instead, sewage might back up into your home due to a clog in your main sewer line. In case, you are wondering whether you have a clog in your main sewer and need the help of a professional sewer plumber, here are some signs to look for-

  • Multiple slow-running drains-  If more than one drain is discharging slow, it’s most likely not a coincidence, but rather a sign that one blockage is creating problems.
  • Water running through other drains/openings- The water needs to flow out somewhere, and because it can’t find the way it typically does, it’ll choose another way out.
  • Gurgling noises- The glug-glug sounds of water passing usually indicate the difficulty of water flow due to a blockage.
  • The frequent presence of disturbing odors- It’s a solid bet that sewage water is backing up into your drains if they smell unpleasant, especially on the lower levels.

However, it’s undeniable that all plumbing systems will face serious clogging issues at times. Even if you can apply some DIY methods to unclog the draining channels, remember that using too much force might completely harm a pipe or fixture. If you still can’t remove a blockage after multiple efforts, confess defeat and hire sewer drain cleaning services.

A plumber will most likely snake the drain to unclog it, and if the issue is with your sewage pipes, the sewer specialist will inspect them to understand the root cause and determine their condition. After a thorough checkup of your sewage system, a professional sewer plumber will practice appropriate methods to fix the issue using the right tools and techniques. 

Avoiding Future Clogs

Even if you hire specialists from a drain cleaning service to clear your main sewage line, dealing with a clogged main sewer line is a headache. Preventative actions are also necessary to effectively care for your home’s drains and prevent the need for sewer system replacement. Start with the following tips:

  • Keep grease, coffee grounds, paint, and other similar substances out of your drain- These substances all have a tendency to clump and harden, which might lead to a future clog or exacerbate the present one.
  • Keep an eye on what you flush- Flush anything that won’t disintegrate fast or entirely in the pipes, such as facial tissue or paper towels.
  • Make use of screens- To prevent heavier things like hair from being trapped in your drain, install screens in your kitchen sink and baths. Cleaning the screens and rinsing them with hot water on a regular basis is recommended.
  • Dissolvable toilet paper should be used- Leave a square of toilet paper in the toilet bowl for an hour to ensure that it dissolves in the pipes. Consider what it’s doing in your pipes if it’s still intact after an hour!

If you suspect a major sewer line blockage, you must act promptly and look for a professional sewer plumber.

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