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A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Pot Limit Omaha Poker

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Want to learn all about Omaha Poker from scratch? Pot Limit Omaha, also known colloquially as PLO Poker, is the next popular variant after classic Texas Hold’em Poker. It is also a skill-based poker game with certain basic similarities and differences.

If you have already tried your hands at Poker before, it won’t take much time to learn the basics of this variant. Even newbies can sharpen their skills by taking a glance at the Omaha Poker rules in detail.

Omaha Poker Variants

The rawest version of Omaha is played with the help of 4 pocket cards, while there are variants with 5 or 6 cards. Players can develop Poker skills and try other variations like Pot-Limit Omaha or the Hi/Lo Versions. Many developers also offer mixed online poker games to infuse more thrill and excitement into the felts.

Pot-Limit Omaha Poker- How to Play?

Amateurs must dive into the basics before staking real money and sprinting towards online mega-cash games. The game needs a minimum of players, and the one with the best poker Straight hands wins all the chips or money in the pot. The dealer only dealt cards but does not play in PLO Poker.


  • The Dealer deals four cards to each player and discards the card on top of the deck, known as a ‘Burn card’ to avoid cheating. Three cards are then flipped over the table.
  • As round 1 begins, the player to the left of the dealer takes any action from a bet (stake money), check (bet nothing) or fold (discard the cards).
  • When you place a bet, the other players on the table must place a minimum amount of the same bet to retain in the game as per Omaha online poker rules. On folding, the player can forfeit the money or chips in the pot. The dealer then flips over the top card or the deck to fuel up the game.
  • In round 2, again, the players take the bet, fold, check or raise (increasing the bet size) option to contest for the pot. Then again, the dealer burns a card and flips over another one from the deck.
  • The remaining players in the hand now enter ‘The Showdown’ round. Those to the dealer’s left start revealing their cards face-up. They can create the best possible 5-Card combination from the cards in their hand and those opened up on the table. The best hand wins the pot.

Sequence of Best Poker Hands in Omaha Poker from High-Low

  •       Royal Flush- Ah-Kh-Qh-Jh-10h
  •       Straight Flush- Qh-Jh-10h-9-h-8h
  •       Four of a Kind- 3c-3s-3d-3h-8h
  •       Full House- Qd-Qs-Qc-2C-2d
  •       Flush- 5d-Jd-3d-Kd-4d
  •       Straight- 5c-4s-3s-2h-Ad
  •       Three of a Kind- 8d-8s-8c-Ks-As
  •       Two pair- 9s-9h-5d-5h-As
  •       One Pair- 6d-6h-2h-5s-5c
  •       High Card- Qs-5c-4d-3d-2c

Omaha Poker Rules

  • Pot Limit Omaha is a standard format player by beginners and professionals at online and offline gaming platforms that has a rule set similar to that of No-Limit Hold ’em, followed by some exceptions.
  • Players need to create a perfect 5-card combination to get a winning edge in the ultimate Poker play.
  • They must create a winning combination of hole cards and community cards to win the pot chips.

Important Concepts of Omaha Poker

After gaining a knack for Omaha poker rules, the next thing to know about is the crucial concepts related to it.

  • Positioning in the game

Specifically, if you are willing to nail it in PLO poker format, identify your positions to hit the right chord. As it is a draw game, learn less about the draw hands and a bit more about strong draws. Drawing from a stronger position in the game can lay down added benefits. 

After some practice sessions, beginners can seek optimum benefit from the strong hands, resulting in a profitable bluff. It is possible to beat opponents in a weak position with this Omaha Poker strategy.

  • Freerolls

When two players encounter a situation where they hold the same hands or have the same draw, but only one of them could improve their hand, it results in a freeroll. If the pot is on the verge of splitting, try to push the other player for a flush, as their flush draw would result in churning out the entire pot in their favor.


Omaha Poker, and specifically the PLO version, is a good pick for beginners as it has a simple set of Omaha poker rules and pre-decided stakes to avoid rushing out your bankrolls. Start with Free Entry Tourneys to practice the games and acquire complete knowledge before wagering real money in the most exhilarating Poker formats to date.

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