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Bering Sea Fishery Area

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Bering Sea Fishery

Kamchatka red caviar is a recognized high-quality product. The Far East is the best place for red caviar production. Thanks to the unique ecology, rivers, lakes, waters of the Bering Sea, and the ocean, the Kamchatka region has become a special place for those who specialize in fishing for salmon family fish and producing high-quality red caviar. It is here that the “Vostochny Bereg” company has been operating for more than 20 years and makes high-quality red salmon caviar. During long scientific expeditions organized by Emperor Peter I, sailors visited the Far East and appreciated its natural wealth. Bering’s tours can be called a not very successful start to his well-known biography. Historians claim that he, the famous Danish navigator Bering (mid17th century), first brought red caviar to St. Petersburg from Kamchatka. True, initially, no one showed much interest in red caviar, so everyone forgot about it for a while. Demand for Far Eastern caviar appeared later. For a long time, ate red caviar only in the Far East. The product was not considered a delicacy. Interest in salmon caviar only appeared in the early 20th century. Sold the product at the trade fair, and the price of caviar was low. With a few kilograms of caviar, anglers could get something from their kitchen utensils. In the 20th century, the demand for salmon roe increased significantly, and delivery from Kamchatka to the central region began.

Kamchatka is a beautiful country where you can see the snow at the top of the mountain and sniff the green meadows and wash your face with tear-clean water. The small peninsula is covered with many rivers, lakes, and streams inhabited by the giant fish of the salmon family. Kamchatka’s territory has approximately 140,000 reservoirs of various sizes, most in nature reserves. Scientists have calculated that the part of the peninsula and the Bering Sea and Atlantic waters are home to about 400 species of fish. The Kamchatka Peninsula is often called the “King of Fish,” All kinds of salmon are “living” here, including sockeye salmon, salmon, pink salmon, and coho salmon. 

 Amazing nature makes “local” caviar unique in its composition. The delicacies obtained from Kamchatka salmon have high nutritional value and sensory properties. It is suitable for your health; it restores a person quickly after an illness and prevents the development of dangerous diseases. “Bering Seafood” (Vostochny Bereg) provides all seafood lovers with high-quality red caviar caught on the coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula (the east coast of the region). Elastic eggs melt in the mouth and are an absolute pleasure for gourmets. Eco-friendly products have a great taste, are free of harmful impurities, and are harmless to your health. “Bering Seafood” is a leading distributor of high-quality salmon and salmon caviar “Vostochny Bereg” produced in the North Sea (Bering Sea) in the United States.

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