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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Improve Your Culture, Hiring, and Bottom Line

by Rajdeep Basu

Leverage artificial intelligence in HR operatively to improve your corporate culture. It assists in productively enhancing how you acquire, manage, develop, and engage talent. 

Your company’s bottom line replenishes and reimagines with AI in HR. However, you need the right path to follow. Consider the 5 points in this post as the stepping stones to successful hiring, culture, and bottom-line management. 

5 Ways To Effectively Hire, Engage, And Develop Your Employees At Different Levels Using Artificial Intelligence In HR:

1. Intelligent algorithms for innovative hiring

Use smart algorithms in your latest HRMS and recruitment engine. It helps young and enthusiastic HR persons to hire right. You, an HR person, set rules and triggered actions there. 

uKnowva recruitment engine is a tool for unlimited customisations as per your company’s policy to hire innovatively. The system can pick up keywords you enter in its algorithm. 

These keywords must match the applicant’s CVs for shortlisting the same. For example, you write “experience content writer in tech,” “novice in digital marketing and paid ads,” etc. 

The system will pick resumes of candidates who have these keywords or similar ones.

It is to hire more innovatively, investing person-hours now in other critical HR functions. This type of artificial intelligence in HR invites more diversity, the right talent pool, and saves company cost to acquire appropriately. 

2. Schedule the onboarding online

With intelligent HRMS solutions, your diversity at the workplace is empowered to absolute excellence. That happens when your new employees get oriented to the culture effortlessly.

You can upload company documents, employees’ contracts, offer letters, KPIs, and company policies. The uploading option is given on the intelligent HRMS uKnowva tool. 

Employees use this tool to introduce themselves to the firm on their own or with limited dependence on another individual. 

They have unlimited chances to download any necessary document whenever they want. The system is self-reliant and self-serving. HR executives or persons can also upload live demos, training modules, and certificate courses. 

New employees can study this material in the given time of their first few days or weeks. It is for understanding the company culture better without any confusion. That is because the learning material on the portal is the same for all employees – new or existing. 

The system allows registered active users to leave comments, likes, or share their views too. This will boost the company’s usual employee engagement even on the new hire’s first day.

3. Cut down employee management costs

Smart systems and artificial intelligence in HR help cut down employee or talent management costs. HR persons do not manually spend hundreds of hours nurturing their new hires. 

The system itself is becoming the new HR manager or executive for helping new joinees onboard. Similarly, top management can float any important announcements, newsletters, or messages to anyone in the system. 

This could be for everyone to pay attention to. Otherwise, it might be for individuals or teams. This digitally transforming HR system enables employees to change their usual mindset about how things are accepted in the firm. 

When they know, there is a greater level of transparency, authenticity, and continuous scope of learning, they stay there longer. 

Artificial intelligence enables top management to know the effectiveness of their bottom-line workers with agile and accessible uKnowva PMS. 

Therefore, they comprehend what project to assign to employees or contractors with limited flaws. This same management’s time and effort to nurture the talent when needed.

4. Automate emailers and connect virtually

Emailers and connecting virtually with teammates are a great way to stay connected to your employees scattered across boundaries. Artificial intelligence in HR plays an enormously significant role here. 

You can automate your email content to send across to your employees, contractors, vendors, and other stakeholders. They will consistently get reminders of your latest offers, business insides, organisational achievements, and improvements in company culture. 

Similarly, connecting with your staff on the social intranet is digitally enriching. It boosts clarity. Employees at any level can converse with the concerned person. They no longer hesitate to approach different departments to solve their queries and get work done purposefully. 

Smart uKnowva social intranet also has multiple provisions. It includes customising the infrastructure or architecture of the system as per your branding. This feature subconsciously makes your team aware of the internal branding to boost employee engagement.

A faster rate of grievance handling, automated updates on tickets raised, and analysis of the voting help management make smarter decisions. Employees, too, are more satisfied with this intelligent network to extend their usual collaborations. 

5. Predict employee attrition rates on time

Another way artificial intelligence in HR is reshaping your hiring, company culture, and the bottom line through predictive analysis. The systems are too smart now with continuous learning at the backend. 

The system is fed with data points from various corners of the workplace. That is because employees now work from anywhere, at any time. Each of their check-in/-out, interaction with the system and/or another employee is taken into consideration. 

The uKnowva HRMS then predicts various moods and behaviours of your staff. 

It could be related to their retention, attrition, employee engagement score, etc. CHROs strategically redefine their company policies based on these datasets and predict analysis results. 

They know when to trust an employee with a long-term partnership. It mutually benefits other core HR functions like investments in engagements, management/learning modules, and nurturing schedules.

These predictive analyses give a heads-up to HR persons on the efficiency levels of their recruitment and management. They know where they are not hiring right and how to improve their recruitment processes over time.

Besides that, they know if their bottom line is working towards a shared goal on time or not. If not, the matter proceeds to the CHROs for a proactive decision for the greater good.


Artificial intelligence in HR is growing in scope each day as you become an expert in HR functions and people management. uKnowva’s smart HRMS software solution is helpful too in incorporating AI with your everyday HR activities. 

It helps automate the tasks without disrupting your primary and critical tasks on hand. Further, it has proliferating opportunities to nurture your talent pool from their first working day to the last. 

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