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Your Complete Guide to Luxury Engagement Rings

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When talking about jewelry, “Luxury” is often used to describe pieces of the highest quality. Luxury jewelry pieces are more extravagant because of –

  • The use of highly sought-after precious metals
  • Precious gemstones
  • The overall rating of the stones used
  • The craftsmanship that goes into cutting the stone
  • The jewelry making techniques and processes

As such, the price point for luxury jewelry is traditionally higher than other regular jewelry items. However, although higher cost is generally associated with such pieces, a high price is not the only factor that defines luxury jewelry.

Why is Luxury Jewelry So Expensive?

Some of the key reasons why luxury jewelry is often very expensive include –

  • Human nature

People tend to believe that if a thing is not expensive, it is not luxurious enough. This applies to almost everything in life – clothes, cars, houses, smartphones, accessories, and jewelry.

  • Demand and supply

The pricing of everything we surround ourselves with is based on the laws of demand and supply. However, when it comes to jewelry, most people avoid cheaper pieces, even though they are available in the loveliest of colors and are affordable. For instance, most people crave ‘the green rock’ because emeralds are rare, hence more desirable.

  • Brands matter

Whether they are engagement rings or wedding bands, designer pieces or items from a particular brand are higher priced than others are. They are heavy on the pocket because of the brand name associated with them.

  • Quality

Intricate craftsmanship and the use of genuine, high-quality, natural, and precious materials naturally add to the cost of a jewelry item.

  • The status symbol syndrome

Luxury jewelry is a universal form of adornment. Jewelry made from shells, stones, and bones has been around since prehistoric times. Back then, people wore jewelry as a mark of status or rank. Even today, luxury jewelry is associated with elite society.

Designer Luxury Engagement Rings That Popular Celebs wore

We all like checking out what famous personalities and celebrities wear, so we can steal a few ideas for ourselves! Let us have a look at some luxury engagement rings that were in the spotlight because of their designs, cost, and the fact that famous people wore them –

 1. Mariah Carey – $10 Million

Topping them all is Mariah Carey’s $10 million engagement ring, given to her by her ex-finance, Australian businessman, James Packer. The emerald-cut diamond ring is a whopping 35 carats and has two delicate tapered baguette diamonds. The ring is set in solid platinum.

 2. Blue Diamond by Bvlgari – $9.5 Million

A truly unique engagement ring by Bvlgari is the 5.4 blue carat diamond ring purchased by Graff diamonds. This ring once held the title of the world’s most expensive engagement ring.

 3. Kim Kardashian – $8 Million

Kanye proposed to Kim with a beautiful ring, made by Lorraine Schwartz, that had a 15-carat flawless cushion-cut diamond. The diamond is set as a solitaire on a thin platinum band with micro-pavé diamonds.

 4. Anna Kournikova – $5.4 Million

Former professional tennis player Anna Kournikova received a beautiful champagne and cognac 11-carat pear-shaped diamond, classically mounted with diamond accents, from her now-husband and global heartthrob, Enrique Iglesias.

 5. Beyonce – $5 Million

Jay-Z proposed to Beyonce with an 18-carat emerald-cut flawless center diamond, set on a split-shank band. Designed by Lorraine Schwartz, the platinum band contained micro-pavé diamonds.

Luxury Jewelry Making – Top 7 Quality Checkpoints

Step 1 – Pre-production jewelry inspection

The machines or devices used during production are free from damage, loose parts, or any other anomalies that can disrupt the production process.

Step 2 – Raw materials inspection

Inspect all the materials used for assembly of the jewelry item to ascertain that they are in working order and are free from imperfections.

Step 3 – Design and construction

The physical product is subject to re-evaluation to determine and ensure that all of the materials appear and function as expected.

Step 4 – Craft and assembly inspection

At this stage, we monitor the items under strict supervision to ensure that little to no defective jewelry items make it to the final production process.

Step 5 – Coating inspection

Here, all visually inspected pieces are ready for an examination of their coating. A test of the coating of each jewelry piece is done to ensure that it confirms product specifications.

Step 6 – Visual inspection

This step involves checking that the product is free of defects such as blemishes, dents, bubbles, stains, and other production anomalies.

Step 7 – Final jewelry inspection and testing

At the final stage, the jewelry undergoes random inspections to verify that all pieces that were under construction are eligible and their corresponding quality control standards are all checked.

To Conclude 

The amount of skills, craftsmanship, and quality checks that go into making every single piece of luxury jewelry is what makes it so unique, utterly expensive, and hard to miss. A.JAFFE is a brand that boasts a stellar design team that consists of experienced jewelry designers who use their (and your) ideas, drawings, and images to sketch your exclusive concept.

We create a wax model, customized diamond rings or computerized rendering of your design and make any final adjustments (for free!). The world’s best artisans craft our jewelry, with over 80 hours of toil and a number of quality checkpoints to deliver a luxuriously stylish symbol of everlasting love.

Explore our engagement ring selection today and buy one from an exclusive retail partner near you!

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