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How to save money while buying a diamond?

How to save money while buying a diamond?

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Don’t we all love diamonds?! They are the darlings of the world of precious rocks, and having one of these will set your status quo!

Out of all the pieces of adornment out there, diamond jewellery is the most expensive. Be it natural ones or lab grown diamonds, they promise to enhance the beauty of any lady who wishes to make a great impression on others and help a man propose to his beloved come at exorbitant prices that will leave anyone with wobbly knees (and not in the romantic way)!

Naturally Mined Diamonds are borne from the cheap labour of various African mine workers who risk their lives and health for the benefit of the financially privileged! The gases resulting from the work are a risk to the environment and anyone else in the vicinity! People involved in the harvesting of these rocks live short lives, as they are not given any protective gear, which leads to various health problems that weaken the immune system! They do not even get higher fees for all the trouble they went through, which prevents them from paying off the medical bills!

They may be the most bewitching thing you have ever seen, but the truth will mortify you if the amount on the price tag won’t. The prices are determined by the amount of cheap labour involved. You might be torn between satisfying your desire and paying heed to the pain of the labourers!

The solution

We at New World Diamonds are experts when it comes to anything that’s set in stone. Our special Lab grown diamonds, which require minimal effort, are what you need for improving your image amongst your peers without risking major financial problems and contributing to environmental crisis!

Heart off the matter

Regardless, lab grown diamonds are no joking matter- even the tiny ones are not to be taken lightly. When it comes to affordability, it’s all a matter of right calculations and loopholes. You do not want to use up all your essential savings and end up with regrets!

So, here are some effective tips that are guaranteed to save you from a financially-induced emotional meltdown:

  1. White is not right

Ever thought of trying yellow lab grown diamonds instead of the mainstream white ones?

For those who don’t know, yellow diamonds contain nitrogen in either high or low amounts- more nitrogen means a brighter shade of yellow! If the idea of yellow diamonds seems off-putting, then you simply need to find the ones with only slight ‘discoloration’, which can be determined by a colour-scale! To camouflage it, make sure that the jewellery is set in platinum or silver to avoid any kind of questions!

  1. Inclusions for spark

No we are not talking about being popular, but the chips, nicks and patterns resulting from the whole shaping process. If it is about affordability, then being a perfectionist is a no-go, as flawless diamonds are rare and cost whopping sums! Your best bet for a situation like this is to go for the first seemingly perfect diamond that you see- chances are, your peers might fail to see the flaws, as they are too miniscule to be seen by any of your peers, unless checked by an experienced diamond grader! 

On the other hand, if you had set a budget for a natural diamond, just opting for the more mindful lab grown diamonds will enable you to buy a highly graded one.

  1. Cut the weight

Though a bigger diamond means more money, you can avoid this by getting a small carat one that was cut in such a way that it looks bigger when seen from top. This is the diamond that will work best for you!

When it comes to ethical diamonds, New World Diamond offer the best lab grown diamonds in different cuts, shapes and colors!

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