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Nose Rings Are Coming Back in Fashion

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It’s official; nose piercings are the coolest and trendy accessory of 2022! If you have visited Instagram today, you know that nose piercings are having a moment. Gone are the days when people only got ear piercings from their nearby parlours – 2022 is all about getting nose piercings from places that make you feel like you again. 

You must remember that the current trend is about you and your vibe. So, you aren’t forced to get a cookie-cutter piercing; instead, you can go for what’s comfortable. And the brand that we will talk about today is all about comfort, trends, and fashion. 

During Paris Fashion Week, we saw the number of nose piercings soar to new heights. If there is one thing that supermodels agree on, it is that body mods and high-end nose rings are coming back in fashion with full force. 

You might disagree right now, but you will find yourself looking for a piercing parlour in a few weeks. As the pandemic ends and people get rid of masks, they want to wear beautiful pieces to enhance their features. And one of the most demanded jewelry pieces is rose rings. 

BodyMods – A Candy Store for Jewelry Lovers

To check nose rings, you should visit BodyMods. It is a studio you can trust regarding fashion. BodyMods is a synonym for art, creation, and expression, so it should be your go-to!

BodyMods is quick to jump on the bandwagon and introduce products that are in fashion. The website offers pieces for nose piercings and septums that you will love wearing. At BodyMods, you will find nose jewelry such as screws, pins, bones, and ¾ hoops. 

Moreover, the brand uses implant-grade metals such as 316LVM surgical steel, which adds shine and strength to the product. 

You will find nose rings made with semi-precious stones and Austrian crystal so they won’t lose sparkle over time. If you love to wear glitter and shine, you should get your hands on septums and nose rings from BodyMods. So, you will find a product whether you have a septum or a regular nose piercing. 

BodyMods offers a range of nose rings and a platform for piercings. You can visit the studio and get your piercings done by specialists. These specialists ensure that they take the right measures to pierce your nose so you undergo less pain and there are no side effects. 

Find Pieces That Depict Your Energy

All its products and services are reasonably priced, so you won’t struggle to pay. You can afford to buy jewelry pieces or get body mods even if you are a college student with a tight budget because the brand offers discounts from time to time. 

So, if you want to buy sleek nose rings or get a unique body mod, then BodyMods is the place to visit. It has all the right people and equipment to satisfy your wants. Moreover, the level of professionalism is excellent. 


Order your nose ring right now and flaunt your no-mask look. From septums, rings, studs, and many options in terms of colours and finishes, BodyMods has something for everyone and every style.

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