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Which Backyard Water Feature Should You Choose?

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Backyard Water

Revamp your backyard with a decorative and functional water feature. Most water features require minimal maintenance and can add a beautiful ambiance to your backyard. HOW WELL WATER SOLUTIONS CAN CHANGE YOUR RESIDENTIAL WATER SYSTEM


Add a pool or hot tub in your backyard for endless family fun. Pools are perfect for cooling off on a hot day and provide a great way to exercise in your own backyard. Swimming and water aerobics are both excellent low-impact cardiovascular exercises that can help you build your muscles and endurance. Decide how large of a pool you can fit in your backyard and whether you want an inground pool or one above ground. Inground pools Jackson MS are more durable than above-ground pools and can last for many years. When you design an inground pool, you may have more freedom to customize the shape and depth. Be prepared for the price of your pool installation to go up with a more intricate design. Make sure to consider underground lights and bubblers in your design for swimming at night. Adding a pool to your backyard can also increase the value of your home if you decide to sell.

Splash Pad

If you have young children, consider adding a kid-friendly splash pad for them to run through. You can customize your kid’s splash pad with different fountains and sprinklers for your kids to enjoy. Include a bucket of water that routinely pours water from above as well as plenty of water blasters. Splash pads create an exciting, sensory experience that can help your kids develop motor skills and socialize while having fun. Instead of making a trip to your nearest water park during summer vacation, your kids can get all their energy out in your backyard.


Install a backyard pond to invite more natural beauty, color, and wildlife into your yard. Ponds create healthy conservation habitats for frogs, toads, and dragonflies to breed. You can also keep beautiful fish in your pond and learn to care for them. Koi ponds tend to require a bit more space for the fish to grow comfortably, so make sure you measure and plan out what type of pond you want in your backyard. You will need to clean and maintain your pond to ensure it remains free from debris and dirt. Without proper cleaning, dirt can build up and release toxic gases into the water, disturbing the ecological balance for plants and animals. When adding plants like lilies, gloaters, or marshes, make sure they do not cover the entire surface of your pond. Aquatic plants will need plenty of sunlight to thrive so it’s important to frequently prune any trees that might hang over your pond and create shade.


Update your backyard by building a large water feature into your existing landscape design. Use stacked rocks and various shrubs to create a beautiful, natural waterfall. You can even turn a section of your yard into a flowing stream. Adding a natural water feature will not only improve the appearance of your yard but create more privacy and seclusion. Enjoy the soothing sounds of running water as you lounge in your backyard. If you are tight on space, you can consider adding a shallow, controlled stream along the perimeter of your yard, with a small waterfall feature between levels. For natural texture, fill the stream with smooth stones and colorful pebbles.


A birdbath is a simple and affordable water feature you can easily add to your backyard. Birdbaths don’t require any filters or pumps and require minimal maintenance. There is no costly installation needed, and you can easily refresh the water as needed. All you’ll need to do is minimal cleaning to keep your birdbath fresh and functional. Birdbaths also come in a variety of colors and shapes, so you can find a decorative one that fits the style of your home.

Consider these different types of water features to transform the look of your backyard.

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