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What Stationery Store to Shop at This Christmas?

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Christmas, a religious festival observed worldwide with an intense, fiery spirit, is right around the corner. With the holiday season approaching, we see a build-up of immense excitement. It is nearly the time of the year that everyone impatiently waits for. Christmas is a season of shared happiness where people gather around and exchange gifts as a token of love and appreciation. 

But with great excitement comes great panic. Especially for people trying to make ends meet or people who cannot find time to prepare for the festivities. This gets only worse with their entire budget going haywire. Nonetheless, it is only natural to go out of your way to make the people you love happy. 

So, if you’re anxious about buying the best Christmas gifts at a pocket-friendly rate or are too busy to browse through various stores to look for discounts, then search no more. Blesket and Stationary Store, Toronto, has you fully covered. Since its inception 4 years ago, Blesket and Stationary Store has successfully run as the top-drawer stationery shop in Brampton.

It is both an online and a brick-and-mortar gift store situated around Town Center. The store is by no doubt a heaven for people who are passionate about top-notch, aesthetically pleasing stationery. The shop is well known for selling authentic infamous brands you’d probably not find elsewhere. This article will shed light on just some of the many items available at their store.

Stuff You Can Buy at Blesket and Stationery Shop Toronto:

Pens and Pencils:

No matter what age a person reaches, the nostalgia attached to using brand-new pens and pencils will never cease. A traditional tool is a perfect gift for a traditional celebration. Blesket hosts multiple international brands, including the fabled Faber-Castell, the notorious Platinum Pens, the legendary Visconti, and the renowned Penlux, among many others. 


Apart from that, owning a luxurious writing tool is one thing, but to help you enhance your experience, Blesket brings you a remarkably exclusive range of ink pots. The store only showcases well-known ink production companies like Noodlers & Ferris Wheel Press. Alluring to the eyes, these glass pots come in unique designs & colors. The energy these shimmery pigmented ink bottles exhibit fills one with endless cheerfulness. 

Most of these bottles come in absolutely enthralling packaging with award-winning illustrations. Unlike other ordinary ink bottles, these pots can elevate the outlook of your writing desk. For people fond of giving their journals a lustrous and sophisticated look along with an iridescent touch, this would serve as a thoughtful present. 


We live during a time when people use their phones to write instead of copies and notebooks. Many have ditched the conventional means of writing and have become accustomed to amassing content electronically. Yet some of us still crave the smell of a newly bought notebook, the touch of the crispy, glossy paper beneath our fingertips. 

Blesket provides you with a wide variety of paper products, like a multi-color range of planners, wired journals, sketchbooks, notebooks, pads, folders, and binders. The store imports these products from reputable companies like Rhodia, Nava, and Lamy Paper. If you know someone who is not shy of the customary means of writing, then Blesket’s paper collection is the right pocket-friendly stop for you. 


Whether you agree or not, bags have become essential to our daily lives. You cannot simply go on about your day without a bag on your shoulders. It is solely the most practical, eco-friendly means to carry one’s stuff wherever we go. It is not even just a necessity anymore. The crazy trend of fast fashion has tremendously increased its demand among consumers. With increased production in different styles & enhanced versions, it has become quite difficult to select a high-grade bag that is practically and fashionably impeccable. This is where Blesket comes into the picture.

Blesket strives to provide a variety of products of the highest standards. They have got you covered from handbags to tote bags, shoulder bags to backpacks, and wallets to storage bags. The store mainly advertises Lug, a tried and trusted luggage-supplying company.

Lug focuses on making bags that are trendy and useful in terms of functionality. We cannot help but suggest that you make a smart choice and purchase an exclusive, stellar-quality Lug bag from Blesket as a Christmas gift to your loved one. 

Gift Section:

If you’re still confused about purchasing and assorting gifts for your friends and family, then the gift section of Blesket is just what you need. The store has creatively assembled multiple gift boxes to make things easier. These sleek boxes consist of a carefully arranged collection of branded products. 

From tiny keychains to cutesy little notebooks, perfectly tinted color boxes set to eye-catching inkpots, classic graphite pencils to sketchbooks, elegant watches to above-par leather bags, water bottles to luxurious personalized fountain pens, you name it, they have it. The online site also has a blog section with a detailed guide to help you select the right product per your needs. 

Their Customer-Friendly Policies

The franchise covers you even if you cannot reach the physical store. Just visit their website and purchase anything and everything that interests you. Blesket also offers free shipping services over an order of around $50. Additionally, you get a 10% discount over becoming a registered user.

The check-out process is quite hassle-free as well. 

The company provides plenty of payment methods involving but not limited to Apple/Google pay, Master/Visa card, and PayPal. Choose a gateway that is the most feasible for you. Once verified, your order will be processed and delivered in no time. 

We tried to cover all bases, but If you still have questions or want to clear out confusion and wish to contact the enterprise, check out their contact information on their web interface. A customer service representative would quickly reach out to you to answer your queries. 

What Customers Think About Them

If you want to survey by yourself, go through the buyer’s reviews. A company’s reputation can only be judged by the views of the customers who have acquired its services. Blesket has proved itself worthy in this respect as well. Multiple clients have rated the company 5 stars for its quality business. The extremely satisfied reviews of the customers only authenticate the honest execution of their business principles. 

So, sit back and contently enjoy the Christmas festivities as Blesket and Stationery Store Toronto wrap up the Christmas gifts for you.

How To Buy From Blesket and Stationery Shop

On the east side of Brampton is a little yet adorable brick-and-mortar store for Blesket Stationery. Everything you would want from a stationery shop is available at that store. Their deliveries are usually on schedule, and they also have an online shop that delivers to North America. Even though they have a smaller selection than some other Canadian stores, they have lower prices and better quality overall.

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