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U.S. Money Reserve Reviews: How a Customer-Driven Approach Can Shape the Portfolio Holder Experience

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Since 2001, U.S. Money Reserve has helped portfolio owners establish diversification plans that are tailored to their individual goals.

Led by former U.S. Mint Director Philip N. Diehl, who currently serves as U.S. Money Reserve’s president, the company is one of the country’s largest distributors of government-issued gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

In its more than 22 years in business, U.S. Money Reserve’s unwavering dedication to delivering stellar customer service has been evident in the interactions it has had with more than 785,000 clients and $2.5 billion in transactions.

 Clients Convey Their Opinions About U.S. Money Reserve

Lisa F ., in one of the U.S. Money Reserve reviews customers have shared on Google, praises the company’s “incredible customer service.”

I wasn’t even sure who managed my retirement fund from a previous employer,” she says. “[U.S. Money Reserve] not only found the account but [was] able to get all of my funds transferred. I feel very happy and confident with their assistance in managing my money[2] !”

In another review, Haily M. says the U.S. Money Reserve Account Executive who assisted her was easy to work with and “very honest and open about the whole process” involved in purchasing precious metals.

James E. from Bountiful, Utah, says in another U.S. Money Reserve review posted on Google that he was impressed that the Account Executive he spoke with didn’t mention buying anything during their conversation.

“He found out my knowledge of gold, silver, etc., and what my goals were,” James says. “He also asked questions to make sure he was addressing the correct need I had at that time. I needed to get [out] of one [individual retirement account]. Within one day, I had my IRA transferred and backed by [gold]. What a relief. Since that day, they have followed up. They did exactly what I needed without trying to sell me anything.”

Another portfolio holder, Tim B., says the Account Executive he spoke with “was very thorough in explaining how the process was going to work and what to expect.” Jeremy C. calls the company’s staff “an amazing team of friendly professionals,” and Leanne C. mentions the “great personal attention and customer service” the company provides in their respective U.S. Money Reserve reviews.

Although Kenneth[8]  T. describes himself as someone who doesn’t often dole out compliments, he has nothing but positive things to say in the Google review he shared about his experience with a U.S. Money Reserve representative.

Not only was he [patient], he convinced me to call back tomorrow and make a decision,” Kenneth says in his Google review. “Not only is this rare, it’s [also] never happened before.”

A number of U.S. Money Reserve clients have commended the company’s buyback commitment, which allows customers to return qualifying coin purchases within 30 days or potentially sell them to U.S. Money Reserve at a later date. The policy is mentioned in some of the U.S. Money Reserve reviews posted on Google, including this one from Dountray D.: “I love ownership of gold,” Dountray says. “And I appreciate that they’ll [buy] it back.”

For Richard  F., who also shared his thoughts on Google, U.S. Money Reserve’s buyback policy proved helpful after he purchased coins from the company.

Unfortunately, a personal issue popped up, and it put me in a hardship position,” Richard says. “I reached out, and [my Account Executive] resolved the issue of returning my purchase. I wish every company had a problem-solver like Brandon. We’d be so much better off in this country if [this was so].”

Helping Educate and Serve Customers

Some U.S. Money Reserve reviews highlight the company’s efforts to inform portfolio holders about purchasing precious metals and the latest industry developments. The company provides frequent market news alerts, special reports, precious metals price charts, and other informative online resources.

Emery S. says he wasn’t a novice investor when he first reached out to U.S. Money Reserve about purchasing precious metals, and he felt the company understood the market well.

They genuinely want to help people who don’t understand how it works,” Emery says in a Google review.I’ve done business with them a few times now, and I am more than happy with their service.”

In another U.S. Money Reserve review posted online, Joseph E. says he found financial relief working with the company.

“They are the real deal,” Joseph says. “They have been trustworthy and always willing to help me in my investment [efforts].”

Choosing to work with a reputable, supportive company can help make purchasing precious metals a positive experience.

To find out more about how precious metals may be able to help you start preparing for your financial future — or to view U.S. Money Reserve’s available inventory of certified coins and government-issued bullion, bars, and other items — visit the company’s website.

You can also call 1-888-356-7074 if you’d prefer to speak with someone about your current portfolio status and discuss how precious metals might fit into your plans for the future.



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