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To prevent your cat from falling, install a cat-proof fence

by Rajdeep Basu

Amazing balancing ability is a hallmark of cats. A distraction such as a bird, a butterfly or a gust of wind can cause a cat to lose her balance. High-rise syndrome is a condition that can cause a broken jaw, fractured pelvis or ruptured diaphragm.

Window Aware

You need fresh air. You pull open the curtains. You open the curtains. Your cat leaps up onto the window ledge and exposes her skin to the sunlight. She then spots a bird below. It is easy to see that the cat would enjoy skydiving without a parachute.

Take care of your windows. There are many ways to let fresh air into your home without the cat getting out. Although fly screens are a great option, they can also be ineffective. The mesh can be easily ripped and shredded by cats who like to climb. You can find pet mesh screens. This is fiberglass wire coated in nylon, which can withstand the most determined climber.

Pet screens can be unattractive and block the view. There are invisible options that can protect your cat and preserve the view.

Balcony Basics

A ‘Catios is a great idea if you have a balcony. These spaces allow cats to exercise outside and are safe for them. You should make your cat’s Catio comfortable and enjoyable.

Balcony Nets

To keep your cat safe, you can attach a net to the balcony. These nets can be made from reinforced wire. They are stronger than they look, weatherproof and more UV stable than they appear. Balcony nets can be ugly so you might want to consider other options. You can also use cat fencing to protect your pets.

Bamboo Fence

You can roll a bamboo fence that is higher than your balcony rail. This is a great option for calmer cats, especially older ones. Bamboo fence acts as a barrier to prevent them from climbing on the rail. While this may seem like a simple solution, more active cats will require a longer-lasting solution.

Reverse Overhang

Have you ever been to the zoo Did you ever see the enclosure for the lions in the zoo? The enclosure was enclosed with a high, vertical fence that had a lip at one side. This lip is called a reverse overhang. This prevents cats climbing up the fence.

A balcony rail with reverse overhang is a great choice and has a stunning aesthetic. There are many choices for fencing. You have two options: either purchase a kit from a manufacturer or build your own using brackets and Perspex sheeting. Or you can use a pet net.

Enticing Space

Your cat will be happy in the Catio. If there is plenty to do, your cat will be less likely wander off. Give your cat a place where they can sit and take in the views. For your cat to have a space of its own, plant tall sun-loving plants as well as trays of catnip and oatmeal. To encourage scratching and marking, you can place cat scratch posts next to your cat’s front door. To encourage your cat to hunt, you can hide food among the plants.

Verandas & Enclosures

An enclosure for cats can be a great investment for cat owners who have a tight budget. There are also small enclosed “verandas”, which can be mounted outside of windows and provide a platform for the cat to rest. The cat can access their veranda if the window is opened. You can both take in the fresh air together and cat-proof fencing keeps your cats safe.

Large enclosures can be mounted on the apartment’s exterior wall. This is even more ambitious. These enclosures can be accessed through flaps or via a cat door. Outdoor walkways and ledges are innovative designs that allow you to live higher than other buildings.

If this seems overwhelming, there are other options. These can be used as a cat playpen, but they can also be popped up in direct sunlight to allow your cat access outside. They can be folded down when not in use.

You can make sure your cat is safe and comfortable while you relax in the fresh air. This will give you both peace of mind and relaxation.

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