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This guide will explain and help you level OSRS Firemaking more efficiently

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Old School RuneScape has so many skills to level, and it takes a long time to level each one. If you are trying to reach level 99 in a skill, be prepared to take days and/or weeks to reach that. Skills have different experience requirements, but most will take a while. However, OSRS Firemaking is one of the easier skills to level thanks to having a lower experience requirement. It is also cost-efficient and can help you make OSRS GP by selling pyre logs and any excess logs you have.

Let’s jump into the Firemaking guide and explain everything you need to know.

What Is OSRS Firemaking?

Firemaking is a skill in Old School RuneScape. It is used to burn logs, light fires, fly the balloon transport system, and other various activities. This skill is best leveled with Woodcutting since you will need logs to increase this skill. OSRS Firemaking is also important if you want to cook food. Other smaller uses for OSRS Firemaking are participating in mini-games or meeting the Firemaking level requirement for a quest. Some quests offer good rewards like equipment and OSRS gold.

Recommend OSRS Quests

If you are looking to get an extra boost to your OSRS Firemaking skill, then you can do some quests if you are tired of grinding. Some quests can be completed early on as well, giving you an early boost to the skill. This can help skip the tedious grinding portion of burning logs and such.

Here are some quests that can be completed that give experience to the Firemaking skill.

  • The Giant Dwarf
  • Heroes’ Quest
  • Enlightened Journey
  • Enakhra’s Lament

A lot of these quests also have other skill requirements, but for the most part, it shouldn’t take too long to level those as well.

OSRS Items To Consider

There is one item that you need to keep on you at all times, and that is the Tinderbox. The Tinderbox is used to light fires. This includes candles and lanterns. You will need to click on the Tinderbox to light a fire to a log. This item can be bought for cheap in a store.

The following items aren’t necessary but can help make the leveling process smoother:

  • Pyromancer Outfit – Gives small bonus experience for the Firemaking skill.
  • Spicy Stew with Orange Spice – Can increase (or decrease) your Firemaking skill by 0-5 levels. If it increases you will bypass some requirements, allowing you to earn experience quicker.

Leveling Firemaking

There are multiple ways to level up Firemaking, but the most effective strategy is burning logs. You can also participate in taking down Wintertodt. If you are looking to level quickly then stick to burning logs. However, Wintertodt is a more profitable method. Players looking to gain more OSRS GP per hour should try this method at level 50.

Leveling Firemaking is repetitive, but it is simple to level. It will just take a while, no matter what method you use. So, take your time. The following guide is suited for free players and members.

Members Firemaking Guide

Before you can start making pyre logs you will first need to complete Shades of Mort’ton. This quest lets you access the mini-game to make pyro logs using Sacred Oil. This quest has low requirements and is short, so it shouldn’t take too long to complete.

Levels 1–30: Creating pyre logs

This method is fairly simple and is the fastest for gaining experience until you hit level 30. To create pyre logs you will be playing the mini-game that you unlocked after completing Shades of Mort’ton. You will need any type of log and doses of Sacred Oil. This method allows you to make pyre logs of higher level that is higher than your Firemaking. For example, at level 1 Firemaking you can still make Yew Pyre if you have the ingredients. This nets you more experience, and you can sell pyre logs to players for more OSRS gold.

Once you hit level 30 Firemaking, you can begin to follow the free-to-play from level 30 onwards.

Free-To-Play OSRS Firemaking Guide

The following guide is really simple, you will cut down any of the necessary logs you need and make a fire with it to earn experience. You will keep doing this until you reach your desired level. Burning the highest available log will earn the most experience. This method is also decent for making OSRS gold.

Level 1 to 15

From level 1 to level 15 you will be burning Normal logs found all around Gielinor. These are the most common and are very easy to get. Each log gives 40 experience each time you burn one.

Level 15 to 30

Next, we will begin burning Oak logs. These are also widely available throughout the world. These logs give 60 experience per burned log.

Level 30 to 45

The next log requires 30 Woodcutting or can be bought from players. Willow logs give 90 experience per burned log. Trees for this long can be found in multiple locations like Rimmington or the River Lum area.

Level 45 to 60

The next option is burning Maple logs. These grants the player 135 experience each they are successfully burned. You can also burn Maple logs until level 99 if you want to.

Level 60 to 99

The last method might require you to buy logs from players, but it is still possible to cut them yourself, it will just take a while. Yew logs 202 experience per log.


In short, Firemaking is easy to level and one of the more inexpensive skills to level. It is also easy to make money by selling logs to other players. You just have to check the OSRS gold price for these OSRS items. In the end, though, this is still Old School RuneScape, it will take many days to reach level 99. But once you do, you can move on to the next skill, or work on making money, but cutting down high-level trees.

What did you think of this Firemaking guide? Was it helpful? Let us know in the comments.

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