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How To Make A Game Day Basket

A Game Day Basket

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A Game Day Basket

Is there anything better than game day? You spend all week looking forward to watching the action and seeing your favorite athletes play. Game day can range from days when local teams or your children play to days when you plan to watch professional games at home. With a game day basket, you get all of the essentials that you need to celebrate the game in style. While you’ll find gift baskets from websites that come already filled, it’s a little more fun to build one from scratch. Check out how easily you can make a game-day basket.

Start with the Basket

Before you add a single thing, decide on the type of basket you want to use. This serves as the base for anything you put inside. Reusable tote bags are just one idea. They are durable enough to hold tons of snacks and cold drinks. The person you make the gift basket for can use the bag in other ways later. A cooler is another fun option, especially if you plan to make a large basket. Traditional wicker baskets and metal or plastic bins work just as well.

Pick the Drinks

The teams in the NBA alone play 82 games every season, which does not include championship games. That gives you plenty of excuses to put together a game-day basket for an NBA fan. Fill the basket with some drinks that they love. You might go with a six-pack of their favorite soda or grab them some drinks that help balance their electrolytes. Those who play sports will appreciate the gesture. You can also add a six-pack of their favorite beer or choose a bubbly water drink. To give them more choices, consider adding more than one drink.

Choose Salty and Crunchy Snacks

Salty and crunchy snacks are must-haves for many sports lovers. As you build your game day basket, look for snacks that they can plow through as they watch the game. Salty snacks like popcorn and pretzels are popular. Kettle corn combines the salty taste of popcorn with the sweet taste of a delicious treat. Microwave popcorn is a good option because nearly everyone has a microwave. They can easily make a bag during a commercial break. Tortilla chips might appeal to them too, especially if you add a jar of cheese sauce or salsa for dipping.

Tempt Their Sweet Tooth

Who doesn’t love a sweet tooth to cap off the day? When the game goes into overtime, they’ll love that they have some sweet foods to snack on as they sit on the edge of their seat. Try to add a selection of treats instead of picking just one. Many grocery stores have boxes and bags that include multiple types of miniature candy bars. You can also opt for full-size candy bars and choose a few different ones. If you’re handy in the kitchen, think about baking brownies or cookies to finish off the game day basket.

Add a Custom Touch

The biggest reason to make a game day basket instead of buying one is that you can add a custom touch for someone special. This sets the basket apart from those that sellers make. Treat them to a jersey of their favorite team and player or a new hat with the team’s logo on the front. If you make a basket for someone who always has a can in their hand, look for personalized koozies just for them. You might also add a custom wrap to the basket that keeps the contents from falling out like paper that features the team’s logo or ribbons in the team’s colors.

Making a Game Day Basket is Easy

Let a college or high school athlete know you love them with a custom gift basket before their next big game. These baskets are also perfect for those who love tailgating or watching sports at home. Making one is easy because you simply start with the basket itself and go on from there. Have fun looking for sweet or salty and crunchy snacks as well as drinks for the basket. Think about what the athlete or sports lover likes to create the ultimate basket. Use these ideas to make a game-day basket for any player, person, or sport.

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