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POE 3.20 Forbidden Sanctum looks like the hottest league update so far

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POE 3.20 Forbidden Sanctum

Path of Exile’s Sanctum league appears to be proving to be a success. Because after a few seasons, many fans returned, making it one of the best ARPG games on PC. Recently, Path of Exile 3.20 update has added some important changes, including new Roguelike Dungeons, rare enemy and loot drops, and a particularly powerful optional setting for hardcore fans. Happily, these changes have benefited Path of Exile a lot .

When The Forbidden Sanctum was released, the number of Path of Exile’s players may not have peaked when Lake of Kalandra was released, but many players kept their game stats, which shows how many people in the community have changed their minds. months since the release of Path of Exile 3.20 update, POE has been hovering around 40,000 concurrent player marks, roughly double that of any major patch and poe currency since the Path of Exile Ritual league in January 2021. Usually, all league marks 20.00 stay, 0 around 5.0. enter their lifetime at the same point.

If we include the number of starting players at lower levels, the most successful league to retain players is Path of Exile’s Forbidden Sanctum league since Transformers at the end of 2019. While this statistic is a bit skewed, it’s true that low-level starting players will become more professional players in the future, and they’re likely to stick around. And some fans think that Path of Exile 3.20 update definitely is better and more popular than before.

One of the most-voted comments on Path of Exile Reddit thread said that while the eponymous Forbidden Sanctum Roguelike Dungeon is fun, “the core changes make alliances better. The way loot drops feel Well, the existence of rare items does not end the game.” Many players support this, even those new to Sanctum who think that “the core game is currently in a good place”.

These changes include replacing the controversial Path of Exile Archnemesis system with a simplified system of rare monster modifiers, which will make it easier for players to recognize enemy abilities and know how to approach them. The changes also allow “players to hunt down so-called loot goblins” in a matter of hours, addressing concerns about the loot system.

Additionally, Path of Exile 3.20 introduces a new Ruthless mode. This mode will switch the player’s role and only provide the player with extremely scarce items and some punishing experience penalties when they die. Its purpose is to please fans of old-school, grindy games like Diablo 2 and make them very satisfied. For this, Twitch streamer Kripparrian called Path of Exile Ruthless mode “a more enjoyable gaming experience.”

I’m not a big fan of playing Ruthless, but Forbidden Sanctum really appeals to me. For the previous few leagues, I spent little time on it. But I’m enjoying Path Of Exile’s recent update, being able to use various poe currency items to get the gear I need, so as to improve my chances of winning and enhance the gameplay experience. And I’m excited to be back in the community now, because so many people are playing the game like me, and I don’ t feel like I’m alone.

Diablo 4 poe 3.21

Diablo 4 is on its way. But its development seems to have interfered with the planned release of Path of Exile’s 3.21 Update. According to reliable sources, 3.21 will have a development period of four months. This means that players can only continue to wait for a while, but this is also good, because in this way, POE devs will have more time to polish the new league and push more fun and interesting new content for players. In the end, I’d like to say that whatever you like, these are going to be a great time for loot lovers.

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