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Things To Know About Blue Light Glasses

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As any professional optometrist near me will point out, blue light causes various health problems. Through its penetration of your eyes, it causes various eye problems. It also impairs the whole sleep system from producing important hormones, making you feel excessively tired daily. Suppose you find yourself washing your eyes often to soothe them. Or, if you are experiencing headaches often, one of the most prominent issues with excess exposure. A pair of blue light glasses are your savior.

Let’s see how blue light glasses can help you: 

Blue Light Emission

Blue lights are present in devices, making up the light spectrum to form the white light and enabling you to see texts and pictures properly. The blue light lies on the shorter end of the electromagnetic radiation chart. This short length enables the blue light to reach fully in the retina. A major cause of the issues we see people deal with is due to the inability of the retina to block short wavelengths of light rays. 

The blue light rays impair the brain’s ability to effectively produce a hormone known as melatonin. Without this hormone, your body does not understand when it is time to sleep and you feel less tired at bedtime. As a result, your body is not prepared to sleep even when it’s time. You feel drained of energy throughout the next day due to the inadequate rest.

How To Protect Your Eyes From Blue Light in Style?

Safeguarding your eyes from blue light is essential as it affects your day-to-day activities. There are various technologies to deal with the issue of blue light. However, you can go for a pair of blue light glasses to satisfy the need. At SmartBuyGlasses, you can browse an endless collection of stylish frames that protect you while looking great!

Let’s walk you through some of the finest blue light frames available at SmartBuyGlasses!   

  • Tempe Blue – Light block Asian Fit 790 –

Available as metal frame glasses, this Tempe Blue–Light block, an Asian fit, is a perfect option if you’re looking for a stylish yet protective frame. These lenses are coated with an advanced coating that offers an anti-glare and scratch-resistant cover. 

  • Tom Ford FT557 – B Blue Light Block 001 

These ultra-modern eyeglasses will look great irrespective of any occasion. These glasses look sleek, comfortable, stylish, and made of plastic. Get these glasses with free delivery at your doorstep now!

  • Coby Blue – Light Block A85D

These super stylish light block glasses add a new element to your style. Glasses have become a fashion accessory, and these glasses are sure to rise to your number one favorite accessory. 


SmartBuyGlasses UK  is your sole destination of protection from blue light. You get protection from the negative effects of blue light in the form of a lightweight, stylish, and portable item that does wonders! It is cost-effective too since you can get use out of it every day. You are not kept away from the benefits of blue light glasses if you already have prescription glasses. Your blue light and prescription glasses can be rolled into one, with options to add blue light-blocking coatings to your lenses!

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