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Best Ways to prevent prostatomegaly naturally

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Prostatomegaly is one of the most common reproductive disorders that men have been facing over the time. This is a condition wherein the average size of the prostate gland increases and exerts pressure on the bladder. Therefore, men face a frequent urge to urinate. In fact, they must face a burning sensation during urination very often. Most of the doctors advise surgical treatments for treating prostatomegaly. However, it is important to note that there are many natural remedies that help us to treat prostatomegaly in a natural way.  Here are some of the methods that are going to make a difference for everyone who is suffering from this medical condition.

Best foods for curing prostatomegaly

  • Ash gourd

Ash gourd juice benefits our prostate gland in the best possible way. With the help of ash gourd juice, the abnormalities in the size of the prostate gland automatically reduces. It becomes possible to control the hormones and regulate their levels so that the volume and the size of the prostate gland decreases. Ash gourd juice benefits us by healing the inflammation and burning sensation experienced during urination. Ash gourd juice benefits the reproductive health of the men as well.

  • Salmon

Salmon is yet another amazing protein that helps to cure the prostatomegaly. It is the best way to heal inflammation and swelling across the bladder and the prostate gland. It ensures that the size of the prostate gland can be obtained in the minimum possible time. Just like the ash gourd juices benefits us, similarly, salmon also benefits our body. it has actually worked well for a lot of people. Salmon has contributed to reducing the risk of surgery in a lot of people.

  • Broccoli

We all know that the ash gourd benefits men especially if they are suffering from prostatomegaly. These benefits increase to a great extent when we add broccoli to such juices. Broccoli is very healthy for our body. it helps to reduce mineral deficiencies in our body as well. Broccoli ensures that the hormonal balance of the prostate gland is not disturbed and the size of the prostate gland remains intact.

  • Nuts

For increasing the ash gourd juices benefits, one can also think of adding nuts to the ash gourd juice. Nuts are the best suppliers of healthy fats. These healthy fats are very helpful to regulate the hormonal balance in the body. Nuts help to get the strength and they even reduce the pain that is experienced during urination. It is the best way to feel strong about your body and yourself.

  • Soyabeans

Soyabeans are very nutritious and they help to make our bodies stronger. They make it feasible for men to sustain the pressure of the bladder so that they do not have to urinate frequently. It is the best way to make yourself feel better despite suffering from such a kind of medical condition. Soyabeans can be added to the ash gourd juices to increase the ash gourd juice benefits.


Prostatomegaly is a challenging illness. One suffers not only emotionally but also mentally under this medical condition. Therefore, one has to be very particular about the diet and the medication. This will help them to sustain a healthy life in the times to come. These remedies which have been mentioned above are surely helpful, but the effect depends on a number of factors such as age, lifestyle and gravity of the disease. Therefore in such a situation, there is a need to think about your own wellness and follow these methods one by one. This will be helpful in the long run.

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