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9 Tips For Choosing The Right Biometric Attendance System

by Rajdeep Basu
Biometric Attendance System

The right biometric attendance system needs to build a cohesive picture of employees’ accurate working hours. That is for every day they punch in or out for their work. 

The system does not micromanage them. Instead, it must make employees self-serving and independent. 

That’s one aspect of selecting the best biometric attendance system software. There are other deciding factors to list out. Read them below in this listicle blog post. 

Later on, make your decision if you want to use such on-cloud and AI-backed uKnowva attendance marking systems.

Tips For Selecting The Best Biometric Attendance System For Your Firm:

Shift and roster management

The biometric system you need must have the right functionality to catch up with the roster of various employees. At a growing firm, employees might be working in different shifts and hours. 

So, the system must not shut them out from clocking in/out for the day. It should easily let hybrid staff work and use biometrics whenever needed. 

Must integrate with your HRMS

The best biometric attendance system is the one that connects with your HRMS. With that functionality, it will use and analyse the employee data automatically. This data helps the system recognise each new and existing employee whenever they punch in/out. 

There is no manipulation or misjudgement when the system or biometric device reads the employee data from the HRMS. 

If your company doesn’t have both, use uKnowva HRMS and biometric. It gives you a better and enhanced user experience. 

Must integrate with the payroll system

The biometric attendance system software has to connect with the payroll system. Otherwise, it will be difficult for HR persons to regularise employee salaries on time. 

With the biometric data connected to the payroll, deductions and additions to salaries in the next cycle are easy. HR persons look after this adjustment whenever they want using their login credentials. 

Plus, this integration is necessary to avoid underpay or overpay situations. Employees must get the right remuneration according to their leaves and attendance. It’s what works for a progressive company culture. 

Must integrate with the existing PMS

While learning how to install a biometric attendance system, it is essential to know about its integration with the PMS. Because every employee is assigned a task, project, or specific KPIs to accomplish within deadlines. 

They enter their hours invested in a project/task in this system. These hours get regularised and justified after the integration with the biometrics. 

From this biometrics data, it’s easy to know when employees punch in and out of the system. The verification of hours allocated to each project is flawless and error-free. 

Managers can show this hourly report to associated clients for valid proof if there is time sensitivity involved in any case. 

Easy to access and use

The leading and perfect biometric attendance system or software must be easy. Otherwise, employees might be put off. They might start taking their attendance lightly if they don’t understand how to use the tool. 

When you initially install, invest, and use biometrics, give detailed orientation to your employees. Teach them that through live demo on how to enter their attendances into the system.

Also, communicate how biometric data impacts their salaries, project hours, and timely appraisal. After this information, employees will be more serious about using this biometric system like a pro. 

Additionally, while using the uKnowva biometric attendance system, there are no user performance or experience issues. The tool is available online and accessed fast with one login link. It saves your employee ID credentials after the first login. 

Later, you use the same URL to punch in/out. No need to enter your employee ID details repeatedly. It recognises your device as well. 

Secure and safe to use

The data entered in the biometric attendance system software by uKnowva is safe and secure. This tool has four layers of online protection. Use data recognised by this tool is encrypted and won’t be accessed by anyone without admin’s permissions. 

These admins have complete control of the data sets and analytics. The management of the company must have admin control in usual cases. 

Reporting managers have specific permissions and roles assigned in the system. Employees have limited roles or permissions. They access certain reports generated from the biometric if only the admin and reporting manager allow it. 

Overall, there is hardly any room left for employees to manipulate their biometric or attendance data. This boosts transparency, clarity, and sincerity amongst employees while clocking into the system. 

Unlimited use for a growing number of employees

The right biometric software must not restrict your employee count. It must not lag when employees use the system to login the network system. 

Additionally, admins might get notifications to upgrade their priced packages if their employees count maximises. 

But employees must not face the issue of logging in and out of the network. Otherwise, their leaves and attendance marking impacts. This downside can demotivate employees to use the system from next time. 

So, the perfect biometric attendance system won’t trouble employees with need-to-upgrade messages. They are allowed and permitted to use software for their daily attendance. 

Admins can create new IDs if they reach the maximum limit allowed for a priced package. Ultimately, there is no issue from employees’ front for using the biometric even when the number grows. 

Predefined data backup schedule

The biometric system will be perfect if it runs data backup services regularly at the scheduled time. Admins don’t worry about data download and recovery needs then. They can access the data directory from the settings to download and access the employee data. 

Admins can change the settings or schedule for running data backups. They configure and customise this feature from the backend, with developers assisting them. 

Complete IT and technical support

The best biometric attendance system provides an IT and tech support team. uKnowva works with that team while offering its virtual biometric on-cloud tool. With full developmental and technical support, admins literally worry about nothing.

Employees put forward queries directly to the IT and tech team from the system. There is no need to disturb their reporting managers or human resource persons for a technical issue. 

Each department’s functionality improves with these direct helpdesks for employees to use while accessing the system.


There is no hard rule for a biometric attendance system to meet all the features listed above. But these functionalities create a holistic experience for every HR person, admin, and employee. 

Additionally, uKnowva’s virtual biometric system offers these without you downloading or installing the system. It works completely online and on the server. 

This is a digitally transforming and intelligent solution for managing attendances of today and tomorrow’s workforce generation. 

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