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The most popular casino minigames

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crash game - Dino

Mini games are becoming more and more popular. So, according to their popularity, I decided to review the most popular mini-games. In my article, I will introduce the best mini-games, including Dino games, Chicken games, Teleport games and Icefield Yeti. So, here you will read the reviews of the mentioned games and understand why they are worth playing!

What is a minigame?

First of all, let’s clarify what minigames stand for. New players often think of them as slot games. That is wrong! Over the past few years, the 4rabet online casino industry has become increasingly popular in the implementation of quick games. Therefore, they started to dominate the world games. They are designed for those who like quick wins! You can play it while walking, waiting for someone or traveling, so anytime! There are simple rules that you will understand at first glance.

Let us give you an example of such games:

Dino games

Chicken game

Ice field games

Teleport game







Dice etc.

The most popular crash game – Dino

Dino is a crash game that has gained great popularity in France and Latin America thanks to Mystake casino. It is a high paying game, and with the Dino you can win big money. It all depends on your luck!

The graphics are very beautiful and give you a great feeling while playing. There is also an opportunity to make two bets, from which one of them can be used as insurance to avoid losing. 

Dino game is a chance for a quick win. So, try your luck and don’t forget to insure your bet at the same time.

The most famous game – Chicken game

The most popular and famous game got the name “Chicken.” Everyone plays this game all over the world. It is a beautiful creation that conquered the world, especially France! This game of chicken is popular on social media, especially on TikTok and YouTube, so it is well known.

Based on these comments,  I decided to try the chicken game myself at Mystake casino. It is very simple and fun. Chicken game is an easy way to earn money!

Icefield Yeti Game

Icefield Yeti game has gained popularity among people with its beautiful graphics and cute character named Yeti. It stands out because of its simplicity and fun rules, which make it different from other games. All of the above-mentioned factors contributed to its popularity and high demand among players.

The advantages of the Yeti game are as follows – Icefield game allows its players to choose the size of any field that defines the chances and possible wins. Therefore, everything is adapted to the player and his wishes.

New game – Teleport

Teleport game was developed by Upgaming and it is the latest game that you should try for yourself. The teleport game stands out for its funny examples, especially the old scientist who makes the game more lively. This game has a profitable payout system and a high RTP (99%). Along with this, you can control the number of fields and choose the type of game you like the most. The only drawback that I found is that the graphics icon is too small. On the other hand, everything looks awesome! I recommend the game Teleport to my readers. Try your luck and share your journey with us in this new game.

Big winners in mini games

You may have heard that mini games have the highest RTP (up to 99%). Therefore, you may be wondering if there are people who made a lot of money playing with the plan. The short answer is, yes, there are many!

A lot of people managed to record their big wins and post them on their YouTube or Twitch channels. Even the most popular platform, TikTok, is full of videos and MyStake Mini Games. MyStake casino publishes the most winning games on its Discord and Twitter feeds every day. Big wins sometimes exceed 10,000 EUR and go up to 100,000 EUR. 

Where to Play Minigames? 

You may wonder where you can play Dino game, Chicken minigames, Teleport, or Icefield Yeti. I recommend Mystake casino, which made them so popular all around the world.

Therefore, I can say that it’s the most trustworthy platform where you can try your luck. 

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