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The Importance of Fire Safety in Kindergarten

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Keeping children safe is an important part of being a kindergarten teacher. Young children need your help to understand the dangers of fire and how to react. Burning Kids, with BIC Corporation and other professionals, made a safe game! She is safe! These Fire Viewing Services focus on keeping preschool children safe from fire and preventing play with fires.

The program includes the following messages:

  1. Go to the fire station in an emergency. Young children may be shocked when they first see Fire Watch Guards wearing full gear.

How a firefighter can help if it burns.

Contact your nearest fire station to plan your visit. Children can learn about machines and know what firefighters look like and what they do. Or invite firefighters to your classroom to put on their clothes in front of the children, explain their activities, and answer their children’s questions.

  1. Crawl under the smoke.

Tell children that some fires emit a lot of smoke, which is dangerous for breathing.

Show them a safe way to react when the room is full of smoke: kneel on your hands and knees, raise your head, and crawl out.

Ask the children to exercise with you. They move forward in the room with their heads held high. Repeat regularly to help children remember this important safety strategy.

  1. Stand, lower and roll. When children’s clothes are on fire, their first reaction might be to run. This can cause the fire to spread quickly. Show kids the safest way to respond:

Get up and cover your face, go down and roll forward and put out the fire.

Ask the children to exercise with you a few times and divide them into pairs. Children can take turns showing their partners. Repeat regularly to help children learn to stand, drop, and roll automatically.

  1. Tell an adult. Emphasize to children that matching and uploading are only tools used by adults.

Tell children not to play or touch these machines.

Explain that if they find the same or easier, they should tell the adult immediately.

Imitate children in small groups about what to do when they find these kinds of things.

Fire Safety Freebie

If your school allows you, you can contact your local department and ask if a few firefighters can come and talk to your students about fire safety and their role as firefighters.

Sometimes young children are afraid of firefighters wearing all their gears. Coming to talk to students, show them their belongings and their fire truck, and help them understand how to protect themselves from fire is a great way to help students feel more comfortable.

Posting instructional videos can be a great way to get kids involved in a new topic. Build on the lessons you learned there and incorporate these five important points for younger students.

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