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How to choose a Bible that suits you

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There are now many Bible translations – a confusing number. If in doubt, go to a religious bookstore or local secular bookstore. If you look in the Religion and Philosophy section, you will probably find a shell full of different Bible translations. If you have never read or studied the Bible after your life, knowing which Bible translation to choose can be very costly for you. In this article, I want to give you a few things to think about – I’m not going to tell you what to choose, I’m going to contact you in a few minutes and help you think for yourself. –


We need to think about what to do with a copy of the Bible.

Do you especially want to study the Bible in depth? Or do you just want to sit back and read the Bible for a long time? Some Bible translations have a more “conversational” tone. It is sometimes called a paraphrase or a translation that is both dynamic and formal. Many believe that it is the easiest translation of the Bible to read. On the other hand, if you want to study or study the Bible in detail, you may prefer the literal or traditional type of Bible.


Another important issue here is the amount of training you receive. No, I’m not claiming to be the only educated person who knows the Bible. However, the amount of formal education you receive will determine the type of Bible you want to use again. People with higher education or religious education may be more comfortable translating the Bible traditionally or literally find a program. On the other hand, people with limited knowledge (secular and / or religious) may find it easier to start one of the modern Gospels.


Other Things to Consider:

Do you read or study the Bible with others? Are you involved in religious education? Or did you teach this at a home group meeting? If you are reading or studying the Bible with others, it is recommended that you talk to them about the Bible translation that the group prefers. If you are involved in religious studies in class, your supervisor may have a choice or require a special Bible translation. If you are using the Bible in church (perhaps for Bible reading practice), it is recommended that you study with a translation of the Bible that is approved and approved by your church.

Choosing the right Bible, especially the right translation of the Bible, is not always an easy task. We have great potential, especially since we live in the West! But you can overcome the confusion. By reading and learning a little and what it takes now and in the future, you should be able to make the right decision. And for us, as part of the Jewish and Christian traditions, choosing a good translation of the Bible is essential to continuing to grow spiritually.

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