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The best presents for the tech-savvy homeowner who wants to live more comfortably

by Rajdeep Basu

These days, the hottest trend in adult gift giving is innovative home technology. They’re superior because in addition to being cool, they perform useful functions like automating mundane household duties and easing the burden of hectic schedules. Moreover, many are reasonably priced, making them ideal presents even during peak buying seasons.

Best smart home gifts are an excellent present idea. Your loved one will be overjoyed to find one of these innovative home appliances under the tree, whether it’s a voice-activated robot vacuum, a pair of exquisite wall light panels that can do more than simply illuminate their home, or an air purifier that knows precisely when it’s required.

A sleek electronic door lock that makes coming and going from home a breeze

I can say from personal experience that the August Wi-Fi 4th Generation Smart Lock is a godsend for those who routinely lose their keys. With the help of smart home integration, you may use your voice to unlock your door using the software on your smartphone. The door locks and unlocks automatically based on the user’s proximity to the door, making it convenient for those who may forget to lock the entrance or who may be carrying heavy loads, such as a loved one or groceries. Virtual keys for visitors and employees can be made, and regular schedules and rituals can be established.

Intelligent Indoor Gardening

Do you have a friend who could use some fresh herbs in their kitchen but doesn’t have the time to produce their own? The Smart Garden 3 could be the ideal present if that’s the case. The three slots for soil pods in this indoor garden are reminiscent of pod-based coffee makers. The package comes with three basil plant-pods, but you can also buy pods for cilantro, peppermint, strawberries, small tomatoes, and many other herbs and flowers separately. Put the pods where you want them, fill the reservoir, and turn on the Smart Garden; it will take care of the lighting and watering for you.

An intelligent electric toothbrush

Although electric toothbrushes have their perks, a newer, more advanced model may be for your spouse, parents, or children. The modern and enticing presentation of Colgate’s hum isn’t the only reason we’re fans of the brand. In addition to its convenient portability and eye-catching design, this smart electric toothbrush keeps tabs on how thoroughly and for how long a user brushes, provides feedback on these aspects of oral hygiene, and guides users through brushing sessions in real time. To top it all off, it awards digital points that can be used later on for replacement heads and merchandise.

a high-quality, low-cost smart camera

If you’re looking for a gift but don’t want to spend more than $75, Eufy’s product could be the most acceptable bargain on the market. Not only does this indoor camera have the standard fare of two-way audio, night vision, and a built-in alarm, but it also boasts a 2K video resolution, a 360-degree pan, 32GB memory, 96-degree tilt, and intelligent person detection. That’s why it’s perfect for people who live alone or in small spaces like apartments, where installing a full-fledged security system would be impractical.

Electricity distribution strip with intelligence

A power strip isn’t the most thrilling or entertaining present, but it’ll be put to good use in the home and won’t break the bank when you introduce your relatives who are just getting started with smart technology. The Kasa six-outlet option provides surge protection, energy monitoring, and three USB connections, and it can be controlled individually via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and the Kasa app.

robot that presses buttons

Some appliances can’t be automated with a simple smart plug since they require manual activation. Here comes the SwitchBot, a little robot that operates by pressing buttons. You can tell Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri to activate any device by telling it to do so, whether it’s a lamp, fan, coffee maker, air conditioner, or something else.

A time-telling Echo from Amazon

If you’re looking for a compact smart speaker and alarm clock combo, the new Amazon Echo Dot is a great option. You can ask Amazon’s speech-activated assistant Alexa to turn off lights, alter the temperature on your smart thermostats, and trigger burglar alarms, all with your voice. It sounds wonderful for such a small device.

Apple’s little smart speaker

Since November 2020, you can buy Apple’s HomePod small. However, it has recently gotten a new coat of paint, or three. This tiny smart speaker has expanded from its initial white and black to include blue, yellow, and orange, making it a great gift for kids, teenagers, and adults who appreciate bright colours. As a hub for their Apple HomeKit gadgets, the high-quality audio is a bonus.

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